New Growler Policy (Starting on July 23, 2017)
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New Growler Policy (Starting on July 23, 2017)

The Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission recently announced updates to the statewide growler laws, so we've reviewed & revised our growler filling processes & equipment, taking into consideration your requests to fill other containers while retaining the highest possible quality & maintaining speed of service. Our new growler policy, listed below, will go into effect on Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 at both breweries upon open. Please read carefully and let us know if anything needs clarification... we'll see you soon!

In addition to the 32oz & 64oz Trillium branded glass growlers sold at both breweries, starting on Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 we will now also fill any other non-branded growlers in the following sizes:

  • 32 oz (with a 33.3MM diameter mouth)
  • 64 oz (with a 38 MM diameter mouth)

Please note: 

We will provide, free of charge, new growler caps that fit 33.3MM (Boston Round) and 38MM (Standard Growler). If these caps don't fit your blank container, chances are our counter pressure growler filling apparatus will not fully/properly seat within the container opening. If our filling apparatus does not fit the container opening, we cannot counter pressure fill to maintain highest possible quality (by maintaining target CO2 volumes while simultaneously minimizing oxygen pick-up). Nor can we fill that container quickly or without significant loss, so we may need to refuse that container.

  • We will only fill clean growlers! We reserve the right to refuse any growlers that aren't clean.
  • In accordance with MA ABCC guidance, the growler cannot have any other stickers, markings, or tags on it. It must be completely free of any branding (brewery or otherwise, unless it is our official Trillium branded glass).
  • Container must be manufactured as an intended beer container.
  • We will not partially fill a container (ie. put 32oz into a 64oz container). In order to maintain quality, we must fill to the minimum target volume of that 32 or 64oz container.
  • Containers will be reviewed for any visual defects and may be refused if there is a chip, crack or any type of flaw that may cause the growler to fail during the filling process or after it is filled.
  • Container volume must be visibly indicated by the manufacturer. 
  • Growlers must be brown, translucent glass so our staff can easily monitor the liquid level inside as it fills. We will NOT fill non-brown glass, stainless steel growlers or any other opaque vessels. 

We are happy to take a step towards making our beer more accessible, while retaining our commitment to maximizing beer quality and speed of service! Now... let's get to filling!




Trillium Garden on The Greenway Opens!
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Trillium Garden on The Greenway Opens!

After a busy month of planning & building, Trillium Brewing Company and the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy are ready to open The Trillium Garden on the Greenway! The seasonal open-air beer garden, which will run weekly through October, is free to the public with draft beer & wine available for purchase. 

Please click here to visit the Trillium Garden's website and to read more about hours, location, menu, etc.

Fort Point Expansion: Updates
4:00 pm16:00

Fort Point Expansion: Updates

After an extended period of silence regarding our forthcoming Fort Point expansion, we finally have some news to share! We’re working now to finalize the lease on a beautiful, brick 16,000 square foot space at 47 Farnsworth Street in Fort Point!

Nestled in between Farnsworth and Thompson Place, our plans for the new space are dreamy… two floors of taproom, restaurant & retail, a patio AND a roof deck, and of course room to brew on a 10bbl system with horizontal lagering tanks, foeders, and in the words of JC “all the things that are awesome”. 

We’ve got a lot to do before we hope to open at the end of 2018: lease execution, neighborhood review process, zoning board of appeals, not to mention design, permitting, & build out, menu testing (for now we’re thinking modern New England farmhouse but it’ll be mostly chef driven), hiring, etc… we’ll keep you posted as details emerge, change, and develop. Cheers to the long road ahead! 

And Then There Was a Beer Garden...
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And Then There Was a Beer Garden...

After 4 years in Boston we’re FINALLY going to be able to pour you a beer ourselves! We are thrilled to announce a partnership with the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy to bring a Trillium Beer Garden to downtown Boston. Spend your summer afternoons sitting on the Greenway, looking out at the Boston Harbor, sharing Trillium beers with friends.

Read more about the Trillium Garden on the Greenway here.

Trillium & Prairie Drop TrillBOMB!
7:00 am07:00

Trillium & Prairie Drop TrillBOMB!

Brewing TrillBOMB! was a blast: Prairie Artisan Ales' Michael Lalli visited Canton in January for a special brew day. A guest brewer wasn’t the only treat in the house, though... we also had a delivery of some fun new ingredients.

A Letter From Esther (Mrs. Trillium)
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A Letter From Esther (Mrs. Trillium)

I think it was just about 2 years ago that I said "So we’re building another brewery. Holy shit."

As we celebrate the anniversary of our first year in Canton and look forward to a new year, I'm beyond thrilled to share that we have another expansion in process. We are working on plans to relocate our Boston brewery!

More details will come, but we have a new space under agreement in our Fort Point neighborhood. For now let's just say that there will be more of everything: more beer, (way) more space, and more fun (but still no dedicated parking...sorry, just not possible in downtown Boston).

What's that? You heard something about a farm in Connecticut? For now we're just looking and dreaming. A project like this requires a ton of planning and due diligence and JC and I are not people who do anything on a whim (oh wait...except maybe opening that first brewery...) We need to make sure we have the right space, in a town and community that will welcome and support us, and can make it easy for all of our fans to visit. At this point we've made no commitments.

Some may say "Slow down, Trillium! You're going too fast!" But remember...these things don't happen overnight. It took us almost 2 years to open Trillium. Then we spent a year finding our Canton location and another year building the brewery. That farm? The farmhouse brewery was our original dream long before we even built our first home on Congress Street. It would be at minimum a two year project and we don't even have a farm yet. But it sure is fun to keep planning and dreaming.

Our new Boston brewery will be a long-awaited expansion for all of us: for me and JC to take one step closer to sharing our ultimate vision of Trillium; for our resourceful production team who spent over a year brewing with a converted dairy tank; for our kickass retail team who crush service every day behind that bar in 400 square feet; and especially for you...all of our fans who have waited in the rain in lines that sometimes curled down Congress, past Lucky's on to A Street!

Thank you for supporting us on this wild ride! #teamtrillium is super excited for what’s to come…stay tuned for more details and have a happy and healthy new year!




When 2 Brewers Make Something Powerful
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When 2 Brewers Make Something Powerful

The idea for Pow Pow (our newest beer) was born when 2 very passionate beer nerds joined forces during the epic 2016 beer festival Beer Camp Across America. Devil’s Backbone, Dogfish Head, Sierra Nevada, Stoudt’s, Lawson’s Finest Liquids, and Trillium collaborated to create one of the festival’s signature beer Pat-Rye-Ot, a pale ale that pays tribute to America’s original home brewers. During the process two brewers in particular were fascinated by a new hop product that was used in Pat-Rye-Ot. The product: lupulin powder. The fascinated brewers: Sean Lawson and JC Tetreault.

“When we first opened the Lupulin powder bag, the aroma was so powerful” recalls JC. “Sean and I looked at each other because we were both thinking the same thing: we have to get our hands on more of this stuff.” They both decided right then & there that they’d collaborate on a Lupulin powder focused brew.

Lupulin powder is essentially a super concentrated hop product made by flash freezing and then shattering intact hop flowers. It’s powerful stuff, and for a brewer it’s a new frontier of possibilities and a whole lot of experimentation for how to use it most effectively. “The process of using Lupulin powder is quite different,” explains JC. “Before you even add it to the whirlpool, you have to massage it to break down the clumps.” Initially in test runs, the powder kept clumping when added to the whirlpool. The team experimented with different ways of utilizing the lupulin powder in both the whirlpool and during the dry hop, taking into account beer and wort temperatures, contact time, lupulin powder temperatures, and consistency of the powder.

Sean visited our Canton brewery in early November to brew Pow Pow. The pair spent all afternoon swapping brew tips, bonding over the challenges of owning a rapidly growing business, and nerding out about lupulin powder and what it could mean for the future of the industry.  

We have a feeling Pow Pow will be just the beginning. And what a powerful beginning it has been: a growing friendship, an awesome new beer, and a ton of new ideas that we can't wait to put into action.

Canton Taproom Launch & Upcoming Events!
Jun 8

Canton Taproom Launch & Upcoming Events!

Canton Taproom – Opening Tomorrow!
We are beyond excited to welcome you to the new Taproom experience in Canton! Service starts tomorrow, Wednesday 6/8 at 12pm. Hours of operation are Monday-Saturday from 12PM to 7:30PM (new longer Saturday hours in Canton only). Same retail service for purchasing beer and merch to go. Keep an eye on our website and social media accounts for updates regarding special weekend Food Truck events!


2016 Sierra Nevada Beer Camp, June 18th, 1PM-5PM, City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA

“Not every brewer is going to get a call from Sam to join Beer Camp Across America, but if you do, you say yes.” 

This year, we are honored to be included in the Northeast Team for the 2016 Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across America project. Join in the celebration as the 6-city festival tour rolls into Boston this summer! The event includes: 127 breweries, Live Music & Food Trucks right in the heart of Boston.

See our event page for more details.

Tørst Tap Takeover & Luksus Dinner, June 26th

Trillium travels to Brooklyn! This June, we’re setting up shop at Tørst, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø’s acclaimed beer haven. Starting at 12pm, we’ll have several Trillium draft offerings on tap at Tørst, including 2 special release collaborations with Evil Twin! That same evening, Luksus, a tasting experience operating out of the back of Tørst will be pairing Trillium beers alongside Chef Daniel Burn’s food during their 2 standard seatings.

The Luksus dinner event is SOLD OUT, but check out the Tørst website for more info on the Tap Takeover!

Insider tips: both collaboration beers with Evil Twin will be available at our breweries in Canton and Fort Point later this month…stay tuned for release details!

Third Anniversary Celebration & March Hiring Update
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Third Anniversary Celebration & March Hiring Update


3 Years, 2 Breweries, 1 Celebration...

Ever since opening our Canton facility in December, we have all been eagerly awaiting the perfect opportunity to welcome friends, family, and fans into our new home to share a beer and celebrate this special moment with us...That time is now! 

We invite you to join us in Canton on Sunday, March 20th from 1-4PM to commemorate the Third Anniversary of Trillium Brewing Company! 

Featuring the most comprehensive draft selection we've ever been able to assemble; we are thrilled to announce that attendees will have the first taste of Dialed In, our Third Anniversary Double IPA, before official public release. Not only will we have plenty of Dialed In flowing for draft pours, but every ticket holder will also get a bottle to take home!

To provide the vibe, DJ Sprino will be spinning Hip-Hop on vinyl, and the incomparableChicken & Rice Guys are bringing their food truck to vend heavenly halal-style street cuisine! (Yes, there will be a vegetarian option).

Tickets: $50 Each (+tax/fees)

On sale Friday, March 4th at 12PM

Each General Admission Ticket includes:

  • 1 Commemorative Trillium Third Anniversary Stemware
  • 3 Beer Vouchers Redeemable for 10oz. or 5oz. pours (depending upon style)
  • 1 Bottle of Dialed In, our 3rd Anniversary Double IPA (not for on-site consumption)

Additional Beer Vouchers will be available for purchase at $6 each and are not refundable.


We are looking for driven, passionate individuals to join Team Trillium!
Click on the Pro Brewer links below for full job descriptions

Delivery Driver
Tap Room Associates
Retail Associates
Packaging Manager
Sales Manager


February Events Update
1:30 pm13:30

February Events Update

RateBeer Best Awards 2015

Last weekend the international craft beer community descended upon Santa Rosa, California for the RateBeer Best awards festival. We were honored to have been invited to pour our beer and spend time with industry leaders from across the globe. Thanks to YOU, our dedicated supporters, Trillium brought home 10 awards including being named one of the top 100 breweries in the world. It’s always humbling to receive accolades, but what’s truly more important to us are these unique occasions when we can gather together with our friends and fellow brewers to share laughs, collaborative ideas, and of course, beer! Once again, we want to offer our deepest appreciation and gratitude to our fans who have brought us to where we are today. Cheers! 


For the second year in a row (no pun intended), we are thrilled to have our friends from Other Half Brewing back in Fort Point for a party at Row 34; also joining us this time around is Barrier Brewing out of Oceanside, NY. This Saturday, February 6th we will offer 7 different styles, including a “wild” beer and a Barrington coffee infused Pot & Kettle Cask! No tickets required and taps go live at 10pm; See you there!

The Publick House Meet & Greet  

After a brief hiatus, The Publick House IPA is back with a vengeance. What better way to celebrate than with a tap takeover at our favorite neighborhood beer bar in Brookline! Starting at 5PM on Tuesday, February 9th, Team Trillium will be hanging at The Publick House to talk shop and raise a few glasses of our latest creations. In addition to The Publick House IPA, 9 different beers will be poured including some special offerings not to be missed. No tickets required; mark your calendars!

Trillium Canton Opening
6:30 pm18:30

Trillium Canton Opening

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our new Canton facility on Monday December 14th! We are so fortunate to have the most passionate and devoted community of fans who have supported us along of the way; this moment wouldn’t be possible without you. THANK YOU! Canton will be open for retail sales of growler fills, bottles, and merchandise and offer complimentary sampling of a rotating variety of beers. For more information about our Canton brewery, including beer availability and limits visit our Canton Location page.


We want the entire Trillium team to be with us for this milestone and to welcome you in Canton. To make this possible, our BOSTON RETAIL LOCATION WILL BE CLOSED ON MONDAY, DECEMBER 14TH. We will re-open with regular hours on Tuesday 12/15.


For our grand opening event in Canton on Monday 12/14 we will have special extended hours from 12-7:30PM to allow as many of you to join us as possible. Regular hours of operation thereafter will be identical to those at our Boston location:

Monday: 4-7:30PM
Tuesday: 4-7:30PM
Wednesday: 4-7:30PM
Thursday: 12-7:30PM
Friday: 12-7:30PM
Saturday: 12-6PM


We have parking in the lot in front of the building that we share with 3 other businesses. On Monday we will have an attendant on site to answer questions and facilitate organization. In the event that our primary lot fills up, our team members will direct you to designated, over-flow spaces. In accordance with town rules, street parking is prohibited and we kindly ask that no one park in neighboring lots (we don’t want anyone to get towed!).  


We are pleased to announce that a rotating selection of beers will be available for free 2 oz. sample pours in one of the tasting rooms at Canton! A Trillium team member will greet and direct you at our entry.

Other Half Collaboration
9:00 am09:00

Other Half Collaboration

Other Half Collaboration

After the successful release of Green Street Obvious Pale Ale back in August, we were trying to squeeze a trip to Brooklyn in our hectic production schedule to share a collaborative brew day with our friends at Other Half. A small window of opportunity came up, and on October 21st our head brewer Zach hopped on a train to brew with Matt and Sam. Might have been a little obvious, but we crafted another dank, juicy IPA stuffed with Amarillo, Simcoe, Galaxy and Equinox hops called Street Green. Other Half released cans of Street Green at their brewery on Saturday November 7th to a monster line that was eerily reminiscent of what we experienced here in Boston for the Green Street release! Sounds like this elusive beer sold out the same day, so there's a slim chance of trying unless you had a beer nerd buddy snag a couple four packs.

Canton Construction Update
9:00 am09:00

Canton Construction Update


Canton Construction Update

After many months of preparation and anticipation, the Canton brew house equipment arrived from DME in mid-September! Our dream of opening a second brewery is finally becoming a physical reality with massive 90 bbl fermenters towering high above the polished, freshly epoxied floor. The shiny mash tun, boil kettle, and brite tanks are in place and will soon begin filling the pallets upon pallets of kegs and bottles stacked nearby. Structural work on electrical, plumbing, and steam piping is in the final stages of completion and the 5,000 Sq ft. elevated mezzanine is fully installed with fixed support columns and concrete reinforcement. 

While hard hats and work boots are still part of the daily dress code, the hope is to bring our production system online within the next few weeks and begin initial test batches; we’re almost there. The retail and tasting room area is also in a state of remarkable transformation from simple metallic skeleton into a beautifully finished space with clean lines and thoughtful aesthetic. Stay tuned for the official announcement of our grand opening celebration and all the exciting developments yet to come. 

Summer 2015 Update
9:00 am09:00

Summer 2015 Update

Trillium is Hiring!

Want to join our family?  Construction is under way on our new facility in Canton and we’re getting ready to add to the Trillium team at both locations.  Recent job postings have been made for full-time Brewer and Retail Manager and we’re still taking applications.  Send your resume and cover letter to (please no phone calls).

Keep an eye open for more positions opening up late summer/early fall!


Construction Update

Demolition is done, building permit is in hand so now we’re busy turning the warehouse space in to a brewery, the mezzanine in to barrel/foeder storage and former offices in to the retail shop. Stay tuned for specifics, but we are on track to take delivery of/install the new brewhouse and cellar vessels in a little more than a month!


Tiny Space, Big Improvements

Every time we think we’re totally maxed out on space in our little Fort Point production brewery, JC figures out a way to squeeze in more/bigger fermenters.

In June we played brewery Tetris and moved out three 10-barrel tanks to make room for four 20-barrel tanks.  For those of you keeping track, that means increase in production of 30% which means should start seeing better availability of some of your favorite beers mid/late July. It also allows us more flexibility for our wild beer program.  Our team is super excited about their new split shift double-brew days to fill those babies up this month.

Trillium Turns 2
10:00 am10:00

Trillium Turns 2


Two years have whipped by! Please help us celebrate our anniversary later this month…here’s what we’ve got planned:

Saturday, March 21 10:00am

We hear you guys are digging our hop forward beers…so we busted out another double IPA  to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. UPPER CASE has a delicate, dry pilsner malt character with a smooth, soft, doughy mouthfeel from the raw wheat, oily hop resin which all serves as a canvas for this twice dry hopped 9% double IPA. Overipe mango, pineapple and passion fruit aromas leap out as the beer is poured. The impression of tropical fruit also takes the lead in the flavor which is layered further by white wine, pine resin and grapefruit zest. Hopped primarily with Mosaic with supporting roles played by Galaxy, Citra and Columbus. We figured there will be considerable interest, so brewed 3 batches! 

The first batch of UPPER CASE will be available on March 21st at 10am. Limit four 25.4/750ml bottles, up to 64oz in growler fills per person.

Bottles shops will get a limited amount of UPPER CASE and our draft accounts will tap kegs sometime during the week of March 23rd. Look for announcements from them if you can’t make it to the brewery!

In addition to the UPPER CASE release, we will tap a limited amount of the following beers for growler fills. We’ll also dust off a few cases pulled from our cellar for some special bottles packaged over the course of our first two years. The full growler fill and bottle lists will be announced in the days leading up to the 2nd anniversary, but it will include:

  • Trillium, Farmhouse Ale
  • Rubbel, Belgian Dubbel aged in Rum Barrels
  • Congress Street, IPA
  • Fort Point Pale Ale, American Pale Ale
  • Galaxy Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale, American Pale Ale
  • Double Dry Hopped The Publick House IPA
  • PM Dawn, American Stout with Cold Brewed Coffee
  • Day&Night, American Blonde Barleywine with Cold Brewed Coffee

Sunday, March 22 2-5PM
Trillium Social at Row34

Come to Row34 on Sunday March 22nd at 2PM for a social w/ the whole Trillium Brewing team! Row34 is being mighty neighborly and opening early for us. Bivalves and bar snacks from Chef Francisco Millan.  This event is open to the public, first come first serve, pay as you consume. Beer list to be announced in the days leading up to the social; tapping schedule is TBD by Megan Parker-Gray.

Monday, March 23rd 5PM
Trillium’s 2nd Anniversary Party at The Publick House

The Publick House is account 00001 and threw us one hell of a party last year. Lets to it all again! 

The party starts at 5PM on Monday, March 23rd. First come, first served…we recommend arriving early!

The Publick House also agreed to open a bit early for 50 people holding ‘early access’ tickets. 


An email newsletter will go out with a link to buy tickets (NOTE: the link to buy tickets will not be posted to our website): $50 plus ticket processing fees. All terms/conditions will be posted on the ticket purchasing website.

Ticket holders get first crack at settling in to their favorite table/seat at the bar, as well as the first pours from the Trillium draft selection. The Trillium team will be there to welcome ticket holders with hugs (and some very nice gift bags) as thanks for the killer support we get.

Beer list to be announced in the days leading up to the party; tapping schedule is TBD by Jamie Hios.

If its your first time visiting Trillium, please clickHERE for everything you need to know: beers pouring for growlers, bottle list/limits, directions, our hours, and how things work in our retail shop.



We're Building Another Brewery
12:00 pm12:00

We're Building Another Brewery

So we’re building another brewery.

Holy shit.

It’s official, we’ve signed a lease for a second facility in Canton, near the University Station development.  We’ve got just under 16,000 square feet of awesome potential.  With parking.

I’ll answer all of (some of) your questions in a minute, but first I need to get nostalgic.  I’m never the sentimental one, JC is the romantic in our partnership (and marriage), but I’m pausing to reflect because we haven’t really had the time to do that in 5 years…and don’t see it slowing down now.

Skip this section if you’ve heard my story before.  JC and I imagined Trillium when we were planning our wedding.  As an avid homebrewer, JC wanted to brew the beer for our wedding and we thought it would be fun to create a brand as part of the process.  Name, recipes, labels…everything.  Our insanely talented friend and groomsman, Kevin Cimo, worked with JC to bring our images to life.  (Side note: Kevin is the brilliant talent behind all our hand-drawn labels you see today.)  It was on our honeymoon that JC brought up the idea of actually building our own brewery someday.  I was still on a delirious high after our wedding so I said, “Sure, baby…I love you so much…”  Fast forward a year and a half and I’m pregnant…with a baby…and a lease.  Wait, what??

We didn’t exactly have the financial ability  to go ‘all in’ to start Trillium.  JC had a full-time job and traveled internationally and I ran another business of my own. All while we were constantly working in the background to make Trillium happen.  It hasn’t been easy and we couldn’t have gotten open without an incredibly dedicated core team.

We’ve had many “Well, I guess this is the end of Trillium…” hurdles, some of which have been (very) public and others that silently kept us up at night wondering if we were going to need to sell our home, maybe move to another state to try again.  But the thing that kept us going, and braced us when we thought we were done for, was the unwavering support of our Trillium family, the vocal support of the local beer community, and the fans that line up around the corner in any conditions to try whatever we’re releasing on any given Tuesday.  Next time you’re in, please say hi to our amazing crew: Zach, Paul, Andrew, Matt, (Zach) Colton, (Matt) Garstka, Will, Meg, Shea, Amanda, Matty.  They’re pretty excited, too.

JC and I are so proud, enthusiastic, humbled, and driven to be able to share Trillium on an expanded level with so many more: a growing  Trillium family, a new community, and more fans.  As business partners, it’s a relief to know that we’ve reached a level of success together that enables more stability and security.  But as a wife looking at her husband, it’s hard to express the joy and pride I feel seeing how truly happy and inspired JC is now finally ‘all in’ living what he loves.  Thanks so much to all of you who helped in every way to make this next step a possibility.

OK!  Time for Q&A……….

Most importantly, NO we are not (ever) leaving Fort Point!  We plan to keep our tiny little store and production facility in Boston.  We’ll just finally be able to loosen the reins on production volume and operate more like a pilot brewery, continuing to offer new styles that are available until they run out.  We love seeing regulars come in week after week, arms full of growlers, looking up at the board to see what’s new.  The relationships we’ve built and feedback we receive is so meaningful to us.  We’ll be able to keep the Boston shop supplied with bottles and kegs from Canton, so you’ll still be able to get special releases as well as year-round beers like Fort Point Pale Ale and Congress Street IPA. We’ll bring some fun stuff down to Canton from Boston, too!

Yes, we’ll have a retail store in Canton.  Growlers and bottles.  We’re working with the city towards on-premise consumption but nothing set in stone yet.  Tours and events TBD.

How much will we produce?  We’re opening with a 3-vessel DME MasterBrew 30BBL High Output Brewing System and six 90-barrel fermenters, to start, as well as an expanded barrel program.  Between the two locations we’ll have approximately 10,000 barrels in annual production.

Where will we distribute?  We’ll continue to self-distribute and better keep our current accounts in consistent supply, as well as create relationships with new restaurants, bars, and bottle shops.  We’ve been keeping a little list over the last 2 years, and I can’t wait to finally start making some of those calls to say YES!  We have Trillium for you.

When???  Nobody knows better than us that, as soon as you put a date on it, you might as well scratch it and add 3 months (and then scratch that and add 3 more).  Let’s just say late 2015…



New Tasting Room, Thanksgiving Hours, & Beer Releases
5:00 pm17:00

New Tasting Room, Thanksgiving Hours, & Beer Releases

No huge changes, but we thought we should let everyone know that we  are extending our Tasting Room hours noon-730PM on Thursdays starting this week.

Also, here are the hours for Thanksgiving Week:

Tuesday 11/25 – 4-7:30PM
Wednesday 11/26 – CLOSED
Thursday 11/27 – CLOSED
Friday –  noon-7:30PM
Saturday – noon-6PM

You can always click here for what’s pouring for growlers, available bottles, what’s on deck, and FAQ on how things work at Trillium. Still have a question?

Humulus U Pre-Party

We’re pumped to host the pre-party for Brewer’s Supply Group’s Humulus U! Humulus U is a one day, educational forum on all things hops for brewing professionals. The forum takes place in Boston this Thursday November 13th, but since there’s a bunch of brewers coming in to town, BSG wanted to host a welcoming pre-party the night before on the 12th and they asked Trillium to host! So we’re closing the retail shop down a little early Wednesday November 12th at 6PM so we can welcome Humulus U keynote speaker Sam Calagione, founder and president of Dogfish Head Brewery. Sam will be pouring 90 minute IPA through 2 different Randalls packed with new hop varieties (Jaryllo and El Dorado). Trillium brewed a special beer for this party…a pale ale absolutely packed from beginning to end with a newer hop variety called Polaris. We’ve never brewed with Polaris before so this was our chance to get to know it inside and out. While the pre-party is limited to attendees of Humulus U (contact BSG to register), we’re alsoreleasing Polaris Pale Ale for growler fills at 4PM on Wednesday November 12th and on draft to a few of our accounts.


Beer Release: Vicinity

Trillium teamed up with Row 34 to a special beer on Friday October 24th that takes advantage of our walk-the-kegs-across-the-alley proximity. Vicinity is a beer that is best when ultra fresh. Lets face it, Row 34 can absolutely rip through Trillium’s beer so we brewed a beautifully hazy blonde double IPA busting at the seams with citrus oil, dank pine resin and tropical fruit from the Citra, Columbus and Galaxy and crisp, dry, bitter finish. Vicinity will be released at Row34 on Thursday November 13th right after its packaged.Vicinity will also be available for growler fills at the brewery starting at noon on Thursday (limit 1 gallon per person). We’ll open on Thursdays from noon-730PM from now on, too!


Beer Release: Stonington

Stonington is a New England Wild Saison fermented with a native New England mixed microbe culture captured from grape skins from the vineyard where Trillium founders JC and Esther Tetreault were married. This beer captures the essence of what we envisioned when we conceived of the brewery a few years back and is the first of many beers brewed with this native New England culture. Stonington has been aged for just over a year in spirits casks from Grand Ten Distilling and was originally released on draft at Lord Hobo for our beer dinner on October 27th. Stonington will be available in 750ml bottles at the brewery on Tuesday November 18th as well as rolling out to a few bottle shops.


Beer Release: Double Pot & Kettle

Double Pot & Kettle was originally brewed for the Armsby Abbey’s Anniversary Dinner this summer and there just weren’t enough bottles to last even a few days at the brewery. We immediately brewed another batch (this time, a 10bbl batch) and it has been conditioning on American Oak and Vanilla beans since late summer. We expect to release Double Pot&Kettle on Wednesday November 19th at 4PM in 375ml bottles, limit 6 per person.


Trillium’s Team Keeps Growing!

We need more help with these extended Tasting Room hours…interested in joining our team? We have a part time Retail Associate position available (Thursday, Friday, Saturday). Click here for the details!

For more information about Trillium, check out our website, follow us on social media and definitely sign up for the mailing list.

Expansion & Aug/Sept Beer Release Update
6:30 pm18:30

Expansion & Aug/Sept Beer Release Update

Trillium Brewing Expansion Update

Thanks to everyone’s tremendous support, we’re expanding! For now that means we’ve just barely shoe horned in two new 20bbl tanks which amounts to a 45% increase in capacity. We figure that’ll help make favorites like Fort Point Pale Ale and Congress Street available on a more regular basis, but we’re still a long way away from the where we eventually will be. We want to operate out of our current home base on Congress Street for as long as possible, but since there’s no further expansion opportunities here, we can tell you we’ve also been scouting locations for a 2nd brewing location for nearly a year.  Hopefully we can share more details on a more significant expansion soon!

Beer Releases


1. ***SOLD OUT Noon on Tuesday, August 19th; Heavy Mettle Double IPA SOLD OUT***

When we were invited to the Hop Jam (!!!) our instincts drove us to take the most intensely hoppy beer we’ve brewed to date, our 1st Anniversary Double IPA, Mettle and crank it up even more to make Heavy Mettle! We’ve set aside some kegs for both the Hop Jam and The Armsby Abbey dinner later this month. But not everyone is going to these killer events, so the rest has made its way to 750ml bottles (no growler fills). The bottles will be released exclusively at the brewery at Noon on Tuesday August 19th. In order to help prevent extended wait times, only bottles (no samples, growler filling) will be available starting at noon through to 4PM on Tuesday. Growler filling of other beers will resume at 4PM and any remaining bottles of Heavy Mettle will continue to be available. There’s a limit of four bottles of Heavy Mettle per person, no holds. Oh, we’ve got some cool gifts to show our appreciation for the first 20 people in line for Heavy Mettle!

2. ***SOLD OUT Noon on Thursday, August 21st: Double Dry Hopped Congress Street IPA SOLD OUT***

While we were chucking massive quantities of hops around for the Hop Jam and the Armsby anniversary dinner, we figured we should double down on our brewery’s most popular IPA, Congress Street.  Same deal as Heavy Mettle: kegs set aside for those events later this month, while the rest made its way to 750ml bottles (no growler fills). The bottles will be released exclusively at the brewery at Noon on Thursday August 21st. Only bottles (no samples, growler filling) available from noon-4PM on Thursday. Growler filling of other beers will resume from 4-730PM. Limit of four bottles of Double Dry Hopped Congress Street IPA per person, no holds.

3. Double Pot & Kettle aged on American Oak & Vanilla Beans

We knew we needed to brew a special beer to close out the Armsby Abbey 6th Anniversary Dinner on August 26th (full menu details here), so when Alec invited us to be the featured brewery a few months ago, we wanted to take advantage of the conditioning time, but we couldn’t tie up one of our bigger tanks for that long.  So, pilot batch of Double Pot & Kettle. The addition of Dark Belgian Candi Sugar was responsible for furthering the depths of charred fruit and roasted flavors. This special sugar bumped up the abv to 9% but its tremendous fermentability resulted in that same smooth drinkability you come to enjoy in Pot & Kettle. We aged a portion of this 1.5bbl pilot batch on American oak staves and Vanilla Beans further layering in complementary aromatic, flavors, mouthfeel. Outside of the single 1/6bbl keg earmarked for the dinner, we bottled the balance of the batch in 375ml bottles. Stay tuned for a release date for these toward the end of August.Given the batch size, there will only be a very small number available (a little over 300 bottles).

4. Thursday, September 4th American Sour Beers Book Signing

…plus Lineage Rye & Wheat Bottle Releases

Before the book was released, we asked Michael Tonsmiere aka The Mad Fermentationist if he might be interested in doing a book signing of his incredible book American Sour Beerswhen he was in Boston…Mike said yes! We pulled some special beers out of our cellar in anticipation of his visit to the brewery on Thursday, September 4th. We have the return of Lineage Rye and the introduction of Lineage Wheat – wild saisons featuring locally grown & malted Rye and Wheat respectively from Valley Malt. These beers have been aged for over a year in 500L/132 gallon casks, slowly fermenting with our house wild microbe mixed culture. We’ll also have some beautiful stemmed Lineage Series glasses available, perfect for enjoying these rustic wild saisons. Details/timing of the book signing bottle limits to be determined/announced.


We’ve got new 13oz stemmed tulip glasses for sale at the brewery! These will soon trickle out to some of our favorite accounts and be added to our web shop too.


We now also carry the much requested four bottle / 32oz growler holder bag.  A bunch of new t-shirts have also arrived plus ladies tank tops and kids Ts aren’t far behind. Shopping for someone else? We’ve got certificates to let the recipient decide what they’ll want!

The Story Behind Trillium Brewing's Labels
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The Story Behind Trillium Brewing's Labels

Story originally appeared HERE.

By Christopher Hughes | August 14, 2014 3:46 pm

Designer Kevin Cimo describes the landmarks and personal experiences which make every bottle a work of art.

Most homebrewers don’t exert the additional effort to incessantly detail their successes and failures via a professional designed blog. Nor do they craft several different beer styles for hundreds of people, particularly if that event happens to be their own wedding. And they certainly don’t hire a respected graphic designer— to channel the crosshatching and detail synonymous with Cook’s Illustrated—for beer labels years away from being applicable. But then again, most people aren’t JC Tetreault.

Truthfully, Tetreault was never some anonymous dilettante dabbling in a detached weekend hobby. Even before he opened Trillium Brewing Company in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood, Tetreault was a serious brewer. That’s why— in his own mind, at least—he could justify his creative partnership with designer, Kevin Cimo.

The two met each other through mutual friends 14 years ago, while Cimo was in the early stages of his career, toiling away at a five-person advertising agency in Providence. This was before Tetreault’s wedding, where Pot & Kettle Oatmeal Porter made its first public appearance, each hand-labeled bottle a reflection of Cimo’s brand new passion project.

Now, Cimo is an associate creative director at one of the biggest ad firms in the nation, Hill Holliday, where he spends most of his time, not behind a drafting table, but conceptualizing TV commercials for blue-chip clients like Cadillac. But in Cimo’s off-hours he still works at Trillium, where he collaborates with Tetreault on each aspect of the breweries logo, website, and label design.

“I still think of myself as an underdog working at a smaller shop,” Cimo says. “Cadillac is the complete opposite of what I’m doing with JC, but they’re both incredibly fulfilling. Working with a small company is so personal and gratifying.”

What began as a rough, feeling-out process, has now turned into a fine-tuned methodology. That means, “no funny names, no cartoons, and no unnecessary puns,” Tetreault says.

“We want to make sure our beer and our brand feels like it has been around for a while, but still has a current interpretation,” Tetreault says. “We wanted to make sure we weren’t being too gimmicky with things either, just more of a refined approach, you could say. Also, we want everything to be hand-drawn to match the handcrafted nature of our beers. That element is consistent throughout our products.”

Here in their own words, are the inspirational landmarks, song lyrics, and hidden Easter eggs, which make each Trillium label an intricate work of art.

UPDATE: Kevin Cimo has since co-founded his own creative shop called Fair Folk.


1. Farmhouse Ale 


“This being our signature beer, we struggled with this for a long time, but it’s the one people comment on the most,” Tetreault says. “It’s considered the most elegant label that we have. That’s why we struggled so much with it. The image we’ve got here mimics what we try to do with the beer. It’s super simple and kind of rustic, but it’s got this tremendous elegance and beauty to it. I think that inherently resonates with people, wherever you’re from and whatever your experiences.”


2. Fort Point Pale Ale


“We’re such a small neighborhood brewery, which is how it used to be, and probably should be to this day,” Tetreault says. “Every neighborhood or community should have a beer they’re most proud of. That’s what we envision our Fort Point Pale Ale to be, being in Fort Point Channel. There are these iconic lamps on the Congress Street leading to the Congress Street Bridge. The people who live and work in the area would instantly recognize them. Kevin and I worked on it to make it more interesting with some subtle decorative embellishments. We have some barley at the base of the lantern and some hops as well. It’s always nice to throw something in, where even after a year of staring at it, you’re still finding something new.”


3. Pot & Kettle Oatmeal Porter


“This was one of the first three labels we ever put together; something we did for JC’s wedding,” Cimo says. “Back then it was a much simpler screen print-style illustration. Now, with our new layout it gets much trickier though because it’s a really odd space to try and fill with an illustration. You have one-and-a-half inches to tell a whole story. This is an old New England fieldstone fireplace that was probably in every home around Boston and helped people cook and brew their own beer. And an oatmeal porter is something that would have been made around here in Colonial times. It’s British inspired, but very New England in nature.”


4. Congress Street India Pale Ale


“Similar to our Fort Point Pale Ale, we wanted to draw something that people were super proud of,” Tetreault says. “People around here are that way about the Red Sox, their local beer, and of course, the Boston Tea Party Museum, which is right around the corner from the brewery. The Tea Party Museum is actually on Congress Street, so the boxes are reminiscent of the East India Trading Company tea boxes that were thrown overboard. We just updated the logo and branded a Trillium Brewing Co. logo on the side with the outline of a hop cone around it.”

5. Heavy Mettle Double IPA


“When we first started building the brewery, we knew the [current] retail space was the only space at grade for our retail entrance,” Tetreault says. “There was a plywood floor contiguous with the rest of the space. I just thought there were some beams underneath supporting it, so we popped up the plywood and underneath was three feet of construction debris, broken brick, concrete, and dirt. It was a goddamn terrible moment in my life. We had to haul out three dump trucks full of this disaster. That took some serious perseverance, but there was some cool elements of this old industrial building that was a huge find, including these medal loading dock parts that date back to 1918.”

“The meaning behind the word ‘mettle’ is perseverance or striving through a lot of challenges and eventually coming out on top,” Cimo says. “So how do you translate that into a visual? Everything we do visually can be tied back to an area, a personal experience, or something the brewery can relate to. Some are very literal, while others are little bit more abstract or representative.”


6. Wake Robin Farmhouse Red Rye Ale


“Trillium is a native North American woodland wildflower that symbolizes American durability and balance. It symbolizes what we’re trying to achieve in our beers,” Tetreault says. “Trillium is the Latin name for the flower and Wake Robin is its common name. When it blooms in spring or early summer, its said to wake up the robins, hence why we put a robin on the branch.”

“What’s interesting about the flower is that there are three of everything on it,” Cimo says. “There are six stamen, three giant petals, three small petals below that, and then every three inches there are leaves that stick out. It’s really interesting to look at. I wanted to make the label very symmetrical and geometric. One of the early designs was almost Celtic in nature, but JC steered me in a more organic direction.”


7. Sunshower Super Saison


“A lot of breweries take names from songs or bands they really like,” Tetreault says. “Chris Cornell has a song called “Sunshower” that I was inspired by. There’s this moment when it’s still raining, but the sun is still shining through, and not to sound morose, but it’s pretty tough to operate a brewery sometimes. But it can also be really freaking fantastic. This label is supposed to reflect that juxtaposition.”


369 Congress St., Boston; 617-453-8745 or





Special Trillium Releases & ACBF 2014
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Special Trillium Releases & ACBF 2014

Special Trillium Releases & American Craft Beer Fest

We are gearing up for Beer Advocate’s American Craft Beer Fest on Friday May 30th and Saturday May 31st! We’re pretty excited about the beers we are releasing so thought we’d share what got planned for the week ahead:


Bottle Release: Lineage Rye
Wednesday May 28th 4pm

Lineage Rye is back after making its debut at last year’s ACBF! Beers in the Lineage Series are wild saisons that feature locally grown and malted brewing grains. In this case, its Danko Rye from our friends at Valley Malt. Lineage Rye was first fermented in stainless with our farmhouse yeast blend and then inoculated with our house ‘bug blend’ microbe culture when racked to oak cooperage over a year ago. The beer continued to slowly ferment and developed beautifully wild and earthy notes and a subtle but bright and clean lactic acidity. Bottles will be available at the brewery’s tasting room on Wednesday May 28th, 4pm, in 375ml format. Since there is a limited amount of this beer, there will be a 6 bottle per person limit and no holds.


Bottle Release: Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale (DDHFPPA)
Thursday May 29th 4pm

We took what has easily been our most popular pilot batches and finally brewed a full batch of Double Dry Hopped Fort Point. The ‘normal’ Fort Point is already teeming with citrus and tropical fruit character with a single, but rather hefty  addition of Citra and Columbus hops post fermentation. In DDHFPPA, we hit it again with a second dry hop to pile it on with even more hop aromatics and flavor we love so much in Fort Point. Available for 32oz and 64oz growler fills, starting Thursday at 4PM until it runs out. There will be a 1 gallon per person limit and no holds.



Mettle is our double IPA that was originally brewed in celebration of our one year anniversary. Mettle combines deep hop character with sturdy, balancing grain bill, featuring Valley Malt Triticale, Danko Rye and Wheat. We called in some favors to get more of the very tough to find hops to brew this beer again. Mettle will be available for growler fills at the brewery starting at noon on Friday until it runs dry. There will be a 1 gallon per person limit and no holds.


American Craft Beer Fest
Friday May 30th, Saturday May 31st

The crew over at Beer Advocate puts on one of the finest beer festivals in the country in ACBF at the World Trade Center in Seaport right in our brewery’s backyard. With over 140 breweries from all over the country bringing over 640 different beers, its a pretty special event to be a part of and we’re pretty proud that it was our first fest one year ago. If you have a ticket come please come visit us at booth 143 and try some of our offerings. We’re bringing Lineage Rye, DDHFPPA and Mettle


Special Retail Hours
Saturday May 31st

We will be open for special retail hours on Saturday May 31st – 10am – 4pm (opening a little early and closing a little early) so please plan accordingly if you’d like to stop by for a growler fill or bottle purchase.


The Trillium Team

We are excited to announce that Zach Page has taken on the role of Brewer at Trillium Brewing Company. Zach has been with Trillium for over three years, when it was really just a concept, lending countless hours to help get the brewery open. When we first opened, Zach managed the retail shop and has spent most of the last year as Assistant Brewer. We are looking forward to seeing Trillium continue to grow under Zach’s leadership and expertise.

We’ve also brought on a full time Cellarman, Paul Upham. Paul has a range of experience in the beer industry and brings along a great set of tools and know-how that goes hand in hand with his passion for beer and brewing. Paul’s responsibilities range from handling and overseeing our packaging, deliveries and managing the retail space.

Trillium’s 1st Anniversary Week
5:00 pm17:00

Trillium’s 1st Anniversary Week

Trillium’s 1st Anniversary Week

We can’t believe its already/only been a year since we first opened our doors on March 21st, 2013. Its taken a humbling amount of dedication and support from everyone, including our dedicated customers. Here’s what we’ve got planned for the week leading up to this exciting milestone!


Bottle Release: Wild Trillium
Tuesday, March 18 at 4:00pm


Wild Trillium is a wild fermented version of our flagship beer, Trillium Farmhouse Ale. The beer spent over 9 months aging in a single oak barrel with our house blend of wild microbes.
Bottles will be available starting at the open of retail on Tuesday the 18th at 4PM, in 375ml format. Since there is a very small amount of this beer, there will be a 2 bottle per person limit. No holds.


Trillium’s First Anniversary Party
Wednesday, March 19 at 7:00pm

~Please Note: Our Retail Shop will be closed on Wednesday March 19th so the entire Trillium team can join the party~

Come to The Publick House and help celebrate Trillium Brewing Company’s first year as a brewery!
This event is open to the public and we recommend arriving early. We’ll have some gift bags with a little Trillium gear for a few lucky patrons. The taps will be flowing with the launch of Mettle, our First Anniversary Double IPA a 8.4% double IPA brewed with malted rye, wheat and triticale from Valley Malt. It was dry hopped twice with a combination of Citra, Amarillo and Columbus. All five of our year round offerings and three special single batch beers round out the offerings:

  • Trillium, Farmhouse Ale
  • Wakerobin, Red Rye Farmhouse Ale
  • Fort Point Pale Ale, American Pale Ale
  • Pot&Kettle, Oatmeal Porter
  • Congress Street, IPA
  • Double Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale
  • Dry Stack Batch #3 Farmhouse IPA
  • Sinister Kid Belgian Strong Dark Farmhouse Ale
  • Mettle, First Anniversary Double IPA

We’re bringing a few cases of bottles (including a case of Wild Trillium) and to top it off the crew at the Publick House have put together a few special menu options with suggested pairings for the night:

Herb roasted half chicken with farmhouse ale butter glaze, goat cheese risotto & spinach
Trillium, Farmhouse Ale

Slider with Gruyere, Pot&Kettle BBQ sauce and crispy shallots.
Pot & Kettle, Oatmeal Porter

Thick slab bacon grilled with maple chipotle glaze
Mettle, Double IPA

We hope you can join us!

The Publick House is located at 1648 Beacon St., Brookline. This event is pay as you consume.


Trillium’s Anniversary
Mettle, Double IPA Release for Growler Fills
Friday, March 21 at 12noon

To help celebrate our first year of brewing we’ve brewed up our first batch of Double IPA. Mettle, will be available for growler fills starting on Friday, March 21st, the actual date of our one year anniversary. We are open from 12noon – 7:30pm that day. We want to be able to share this special beer with as many of our dedicated customers as possible so growler fills for this beer will be limited to two 64oz growlers, or four 32oz growlers, or any combination equal to that per customer.

A few of our accounts will also each tap a single keg of Mettle on Friday March 21st, so be on the lookout for those if you can’t make it to the brewery for a growler.


Bottle Release – Cuvee de Tetreault
Saturday, March 22 at 10:00AM-Opening Early for Release

Cuvee de Tetreault is a 11% wild fermented Belgian Strong Dark Ale aged on black currants and French Oak. We released more than half of this 1.5bbl batch in celebration of Belgian Beer Fest in 2013 and are now finally putting out the rest of it in bottles. We’re opening up a little early at 10AM on Saturday, March 22nd for the sale of these 375ml bottles. Since there is such small amount of this beer, there will be a 1 bottle per person limit. No holds.

We hope you can join us at The Publick House on March 19th and visit the brewery. If its your first time, please click HERE for everything you need to know (what beers are pouring for growlers, bottle availability, directions, our hours, and how things work in the retail shop.

Trillium Brewing Turns One: How a Farmhouse Brewery in Boston Comes To Be.
5:00 pm17:00

Trillium Brewing Turns One: How a Farmhouse Brewery in Boston Comes To Be.


Trillium Brewing Turns One: How a Farmhouse Brewery in Boston Comes To Be.

Trillium Brewing Turns One: How a Farmhouse Brewery in Boston Comes To Be.

by Heather Vandenengel | Originally appeared here

For a new brewery, time is often the greatest asset and there’s never enough to go around.

So for a one-year-old brewery, even stopping to reflect on how far they’ve come on their anniversary might seem like a luxury. Because, after all, where does one find that time? While stopping at Home Depot when they open at 6 a.m. to pick up parts before heading into the full-time day job? After putting the kids down for an afternoon nap and spending hours on invoicing and inventory? Or on Saturday afternoons sprinting to fill growlers while pouring samples and fielding questions about the brewery from a line of customers that stretches out the door?

Rather, for JC and Esther Tetreault, the owners of Boston’s Trillium Brewing Co., the days pass by in a blur of what needs to get done, while keeping an eye on what the future demands.

“We’ve just been trying to get through every single day and every morning and every afternoon and every night and we just collapse into our beds, hoping to take a step back and take a look at a little bit more of that. That’s why it feels like I can’t believe it’s been a year, and then at the same time, it feels like we’ve been doing this our whole lives already,” says JC.

(for the entire article, please click here)

Trillium Releases "OneBoston" a Collaboration Beer for The One Fund Boston
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Trillium Releases "OneBoston" a Collaboration Beer for The One Fund Boston

(Boston, MA – May 29, 2013) On May 17th, Trillium Brewing, in collaboration with The Publick HouseBeerAdvocate and Valley Malt, brewed a new beer called “OneBoston” with a goal to raise money for The One Fund Boston, which provides assistance to those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.

OneBoston is an American IPA with a grist including locally grown and malted rye and crystal oats contributed by Valley Malt, located in Hadley, Mass. An unfiltered, hazy ale with 50 IBUs, most of its Columbus, Chinook and Falconer’s Flight hops were reserved for whirlpool and post-fermentation additions in order to retain as much of the delicate aromatic oils in the finished beer. 7.5% alcohol by volume.

“OneBoston was brewed in response to our need to help those most gravely impacted by the terrible things that happened, while at the same time, celebrating the heroes that rose up as a result,” said Trillium founder and brewer JC Tetreault. “The folks at The Publick House, BeerAdvocate and Valley Malt were immediately supportive when approached with the idea.”

David Ciccolo, owner of The Publick House, added: “I believe I speak for all of us involved in this project when I say how privileged we are to use our collective passion for craft beer to give back to those affected by this senseless tragedy.”

OneBoston will be released on Wednesday, June 5th at 5pm at The Publick House in Brookline, Mass.; no cover, pay as you consume. The beer will also be available for 32oz and 64oz growler fills at the brewery, at 369 Congress Street in Boston, starting on June 6th at 4pm.

“We’re giving back the best way we can, by raising awareness through the craft beer community. We also plan on donating one dollar for every OneBoston sold on June 5th, so we encourage people to come down and drink the kegs dry,” stated BeerAdvocate co-founder Todd Alström.

100 percent of the net proceeds from OneBoston sales will be donated to The One Fund Boston, which directly benefits the families of the victims who were killed and those most seriously affected by the tragic events that occurred during the Boston Marathon on April 15th, 2013, as well as related events on April 18th and 19th, 2013.

For more information:

To donate to the Fund directly:

Dairy Tanks and Growlers in Fort Point
12:00 pm12:00

Dairy Tanks and Growlers in Fort Point

Originally appeared here

Dairy tanks: great for housing milk.

But also surprisingly good for holding beer.

Here’s how we know: someone in town spent two years brewing some beer in them. And then built a brewery around it, which you can now visit.

In Fort Point.

So loosen your growler-consuming jaw muscles for Trillium Brewing, the new Congress Street brewery and wood-lined retail shop, now open.

This hall of ale is how you’d expect a brewery rising up in the currently exploding Fort Point area to feel. Vintage wood sherry barrels: check. A handmade bar using wood pulled from nearby buildings: check. Metal going back to the early 1900s: check (this tends to be key for that brewery vibe).

If you get there this afternoon, you’ll be able to fill up a few 64-ounce growlers with their debut offering, a pale farmhouse-style ale (go ahead, sip it on the train home). There’s a saison made with locally grown rye coming soon, too.

Or if you can’t get there right away, know that you can also grab a pint of their flagship beer at the Publick House in Brookline (starting tonight) and Vee Vee in Jamaica Plain (starting next week).

This concludes “Today in Local Beer.”

photos by Melissa Ostrow

This Guy Hand Carved the Beer Taps for Boston's Newest Brewery
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This Guy Hand Carved the Beer Taps for Boston's Newest Brewery

Originally appeared here by

Photo Courtesy of Brian Smith

A new brewery opened its doors in Boston this week, and it’s already shipping its first batches of beer to watering holes in Jamaica Plain and Brookline.

After several years in the making, Trillium Brewing Company finally set up and opened its retail shop on Thursday, March 21, and welcomed beer enthusiasts to the site on Congress Street in the Fort Point Channel. Although patrons can’t sample the new brew at the company’s headquarters as of yet—they’re still working out logistics with the city’s Inspectional Services division—customers can fill up on a t0-go growler of Trillium’s signature pale farmhouse style ale.

Trillium is now one of just three production breweries in Boston, according to owners JC and Esther Tetreault, and is a family-owned business with lots of local ties. Wood craftsman Brian Smith says he designed and hand-carved the taps that will be used to pour mugs of the beer at the brewery and the bars where Trillium’s beer will be sold.

Boston magazine caught up with Smith to ask him about the brewery and his wood crafting skills.

Tell us about Trillium.

Everything is so local. The wood [is from] right there in that building for years, and probably would have just been disposed of, but now it’s getting reused. I live in Southie so everything’s being made right up the street, and I only have to travel a mile or so across the Seaport instead of going to big-box stores for stuff that comes from across the country. All in all, it’s pretty cool that from source-to-end product, everything is happening right here.

How did you get involved with Trillium?

I started out making wooden bottle openers for friends, and the guys who run American Provisions in Southie really liked them and wanted to sell them in their store. I believe they started selling them in early January, and I’ve since expanded to selling them at Sault New England in the South End and Social Wines at 50WB. JC [Tetreault] at Trillium saw a picture of them that Provisions posted and approached me about making the tap handles. Trillium used a lot of reclaimed wood for the build-out in the brewery, so they wanted to use these old beams they had from the demolition of 319 A Street to make the tap handles. Their bar is made from the same beams.

Is this the first time you’ve carved handles for taps?

These are the first tap handles I have made, although in the past I have made wooden lures for fishing the Cape Cod Canal, the aforementioned bottle openers, and a couple of boats. I have a 15-foot wooden dory about 90 percent complete in my basement now. I’ve also built beds, tables, and a number of other random items.

How long have you been carving?

I’ve been woodworking for as long as I can remember. Back in high school I took shop class all four years, and made a lot of the furniture in my parent’s house. I browse through catalogs of high-end stores like Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware, etc, and then make the same items for a fraction of the cost. Full-time, I work as a mechanical engineer for a naval architecture firm, designing large commercial ferries, tugboats, etc.

What goes into designing something like this?

JC from Trillium has a graphic design friend Kevin Cimo who designed the tap handles. I made a few prototypes; we had a few meetings, and eventually narrowed it down to the current design, based on the size of the taps and ease of use.

Is it awesome knowing that your carved product is the key to people enjoying a frosty beer in Boston?

It’s pretty exciting. I’ve wanted to get into making stuff like this for a while, so getting this opportunity is awesome.

Grab a Growler & Go: Trillium Brewing Opens in Fort Point
12:00 pm12:00

Grab a Growler & Go: Trillium Brewing Opens in Fort Point

Originally appeared here by Alex E Weaver

After more than two years of homebrewing and cooking up a business model, co-owner Jean-Claude Tetreault and his wife Esther are at long last opening up their much anticipated Trillium Brewing Company at 369 Congress Street in Fort Point.

Their beers, including the namesake pale farmhouse ale, Trillium (which BeerAdvocatescored a world-classs 95), will be available in refillable growlers only from the retail shop on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, as onsite samplings are still on hold pending approval from the Inspectional Services Department.

But that shouldn’t dissuade you from stopping in for a visit. In fact, the location has just as much of a story behind it as the brews, according to a recent Phoenix interview with JC:

We really looked all over the Greater Boston market [and] uncovered this little spot, which just happened to be in one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Boston in terms of both an enduring arts community as well as economic revitalization. It was an incredibly rough space, and we had to hack and scratch out a brewery in there … For all the positives of being part of focused neighborhood development, there were almost as many challenges associated.

The result, though, is Boston proper’s first production brewery since 1993 and only its fourth since 1986 (the others being Harpoon, Samuel Adams and the now closed Tremont), according to Jason and Todd Alstrom of BeerAdvocate.

“Opening the retail shop and launching our first beer, Trillium, is the realization of an extensive family and community effort.” said JC Tetreault, in a company release. “Esther and I couldn’t be more excited for these moments; we look forward to seeing you at the brewery!”

And I look forward to going, both because I’ve heard great things about Trillium, but also because there’s just so much going on in Fort Point in general.

Every burgeoning neighborhood could use a local brewpub — and every Bostonian could use a few more growlers in their life.

Trillium Brewing Company Opens Retail Shop
1:30 pm13:30

Trillium Brewing Company Opens Retail Shop

Boston, MA, March 20, 2013 – After more than two years in the making, Trillium is finally ready to open their retail store and launch their eponymous flagship, Trillium, a pale farmhouse style ale.

“Opening the retail shop and launching our first beer, Trillium, is the realization of an extensive family and community effort.” said JC Tetreault, co-owner of Trillium Brewing Company. “Esther and I couldn’t be more excited for these moments; we look forward to seeing you at the brewery!”

Brewer Adam Goodwin describes the beer: “The simplicity of the recipe lends to a wonderfully complex yet still approachable beer. A beautiful nose of spice and pepper, coupled with flavors of fermentation-derived fruit and breadiness. Firm bitterness, nicely carbonated with a dry finish, but there’s also this elegant smoothness to the mouthfeel from the wheat in the recipe.” While there are eventual plans to bottle beers at the brewery, Trillium will be initially available in 64oz. growlers, which are glass containers that can be refilled at the brewery.

The retail shop will open for the first time on Thursday, the 21st of March and will have regular hours on Thursday, Friday (4-7:30PM)  and Saturday (10AM-4PM). Growler fills and merchandise will be for sale, but sampling of the brewery’s beers won’t be available until details are worked out with Boston’s Inspectional Services Department. Initial draft accounts will be The Publick House & Monk’s Cell in Brookline and Vee Vee in Jamaica Plain.