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Continually Double Dry Hopped Tru-Action

Continuous DDH thrills for the most insatiable hop heads! The triple threat offense of Citra, Mosaic, and BRU-1 team up for a daily dose of dry-hopping, resulting in an absolutely electric, palate-pleasing sensation. Traditional hopping rates do not apply.

For our first collaboration with Dogfish Head, we took inspiration from one of the most legendary stories in all of craft beer. Back in the 90's DFH Co-Founder Sam Calagione rigged a 1940's thrift store electronic football game to continuously kettle hop his Double IPA for 90 minutes at a consistent rate...90-Minute IPA was born.

We took this line of thinking and applied it to the cellar instead of the brewhouse, swapping out a continuously kettle-hopped IPA, with a continuously double dry-hopped IPA that features malt local to each brewery.

Named after the storied football game, Continually Double Dry Hopped Tru-Action pours a golden deep yellow with a pleasant, glowing haze. The level of hop saturation is immediately apparent, as notes of citrus gummies, orange creamsicle, and ripe pineapple jump from the glass. Continually Double Dry Hopped Tru-Action is medium-bodied, finishing dry with a refreshingly mild piney bitterness.


American 2-Row Barley
Proximity Mid-Atlantic Wheat
Valley Danko Rye
Fawcett's Light Caramalt






4 Pack Cans



Sorry, not available in growlers.

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