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American Wild Ale

Double Barrel-Aged Wild Sinister Kid

Our unofficial mascot was unearthed during demolition at our original Congress Street brewery. Long-forgotten and dismembered, disturbed from her rest, we lovingly dusted Sinister Kid off, fitted her with a new pipe leg and wire arm, and breathed new life into her.

Aged in bourbon barrels prior to a stint in red wine barrels, Double Barrel-Aged Wild Sinister Kid is one of the most complex and aromatic beers we've ever released. Pouring a dark ruby color with a light brown head, this American Wild Ale conjures notes of dark chocolate-covered cherries, cabernet, and bourbon-soaked oak staves. As the glass warms, creamy vanilla, leather, and a subtle baking spice character add to the beer's intrigue. Light- to medium-bodied, with a touch of sweetness and moderate acid profile, Double Barrel-Aged Wild Sinister Kid finishes clean with welcomed alcohol warmth.


Special B
Carafa III


US Goldings



Additional ingredients

Belgian Candi Sugar
Turbinado Sugar


330ml Bottle


Sorry, not available in drafts.


Sorry, not available in growlers.

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