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American Pale Lager

The Essential: Hatchet

Like any good set of tools, a clean, crisp, and refreshing Lager is paramount for any New England adventure. While the recipes will change, the focus on incorporating local ingredients and quenching thirst will never waver. Grab your gear, pack an Essential Lager, and get outside.

As we transition into the winter months, the hatchet becomes a key asset to any tool kit for its primary purpose of chopping fuel for the fireplace, the woodstove, and the final few bonfires of the season. Its namesake lager presents a gorgeously brilliant light straw with a fluffy white foam cap. Soft malt-forward aromas of water cracker and warmly toasted biscuit set the tone for highlights of freshly-zested citrus peel and rosewater. Hatchet finishes with a slice of clean bitterness, balanced by soft malt sweetness.


Valley Pilsner
Weyermann Acidulated Malt


YCH American Noble Mosaic
Four Star Farms Crystal




Sorry, not available in growlers.

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