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American Pale Lager


In January 2021, our friends Barry and Rob from Kent Falls Brewing made the trip up from their idyllic Connecticut farm for a collaboration brew day. As founding members of the Northeast Grainshed Alliance, our kinship is deeply rooted in our shared vision for building a healthier, more sustainable regional food system here in the northeast.


With this in mind, we set out to brew the first-ever beer to feature Trillium-grown ingredients, but we didn't want to embark on this journey by ourselves. This vision is highly collaborative, and we wanted to reflect that for this very special project. Bringing in both Kent Falls and our mutual partner/additional Northeast Grainshed founding member, Valley Malt, it is our goal to shine a light on a mission far bigger than Trillium. One that connects all levels of the supply chain, from growers and producers to researchers and the public, allowing for education and access to local food.


The grist for this American Pale Lager features raw heirloom dent corn from our farm in North Stonington, CT, which we milled in-house to a coarse, unsifted grit. We conducted a separate cereal mash to fully gelatinize the heirloom corn's starches before combining it with Valley's pilsner malt in the main mash tun.


Kent Falls brought some beautifully aromatic whole-cone Czech Saaz hops, the same varietal used in their "Yeesh!" Czech Pilsner. At the 2019 Shelton Brother's festival in Buffalo, NY, amongst a sea full of world-class offerings, Yeesh! struck JC as exceptional. He quickly decided that would be his choice of beer for the remainder of the day. When selecting the hops for this project, it was a no-brainer.


This bright, straw-colored Pale Lager, aptly named Grainshed, presents a beautiful range of aromatics. An array of malt-forward notes greet the palate upfront, featuring tones of fresh-baked biscuit, water cracker, and lightly toasted corn chips. As the beer opens up, the whole-cone Saaz shines, its beautiful floral-meets-grassy profile adding a nuanced highlight and welcomed soft bitterness. Grainshed is light-bodied, thirst-quenching, and finishes crisp.


This is a milestone eight years in the making, but the really exciting part is that it's just the beginning of what's to come. We're eager to share this beer with you, simultaneously offering a glimpse into the agricultural ethos that we're so passionate about.


Valley Pilsner
North Stonington Raw Heirloom Dent Corn
Acidulated Malt


Whole Cone Saaz






Sorry, not available in cans/bottles.


Sorry, not available in growlers.

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