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Double IPA

HDHC Like Whoa

Anything ill you see is "whoa". A hazy Double IPA, that's woah. Especially if it's got the HDHC treatment, it's woah. You know what we mean?

Our latest Freaky Friday recipe swap is a throwback collaboration with our dear friends at Other Half. First released in Brooklyn in October of 2016, Like Woah is a Double IPA featuring some of our favorite hops and named after a deep cut 2000's NYC hip-hop track. For the 2021 edition, we utilized Citra, Galaxy, Rakau, Strata, and Citra Cryo to achieve incredible aromatics on a remarkably soft Double IPA.

HDHC Like Whoa presents a light straw color with a sunny, glowing haze. The aroma here is absolutely explosive, demonstrating the bold tropical and citrus hop-derived notes that you've come to expect when we team up with Other Half. Juicy mango, pineapple smoothie, and vibrant orange at peak ripeness are the dominant impressions here, but there's plenty of underlying complexity. Secondary tones of honeydew melon, fuzzy peach, and passion fruit nectar add a welcomed depth at the back of the palate. Incredibly well-balanced, medium-bodied, and boasting a soft mouthfeel that makes it a joy to drink, HDHC Like Woah finishes with a touch of dank piney bitterness.


American 2-row Barley
Torrified Wheat
Malted Oats
Rolled Oats


Citra Cryo





Sorry, not available in cans/bottles.


Sorry, not available in growlers.

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