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Imperial Stout

La Rien a Nuit

When we team up with J. Wakefield Brewing to brew a stout, the results tend to be favorites in our catalog. From the rich, dessert-inspired Affogato and Tiramisu to the complex Spanish cedar-aged Haunted Fields, we've used real adjuncts and oak to coax out intense flavor. For our latest collaboration, we've stripped all of that back to present a vicious Imperial Stout inspired by a blend of J. Wakefield's La Nada and our own base recipe for PM Dawn.

La Rien à Nuit, or "The Nothing at Night", presents a menacingly opaque, jet black with a tawny-colored head. The intricate aroma highlights an array of specialty dark malts, with notes of dark chocolate, freshly-roasted coffee, molasses, and toffee with a caramel drizzle. As the glass warms, a creamy vanilla profile is uncovered, rounding out each sip with just the right amount of welcomed sweetness. Medium-bodied with a decadent long finish, La Rien à Nuit is built for the long and dark winter nights in New England.


American 2-Row Barley
Munich 10L
Flaked Barley
Chocolate Malt
Aromatic Malt
Black Patent
Double Roasted Crystal
Torrified Wheat
Chocolate Wheat


Co2 Hop Extract



Additional ingredients

Brown Sugar



Sorry, not available in drafts.



Sorry, not available in growlers.

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