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Double IPA

Mettle Alloy Batch 5

Mettle was originally brewed to celebrate the spirit of tenacity and camaraderie that our team displayed throughout our first year in business. Six years later, as we stand eye-to-eye with our toughest challenge yet, our resolve is tested yet again. After pausing draft service at all of our locations, we've gotten creative and resourceful with the variety of fresh, hoppy beer that would have been destined for kegs.

Pouring the color of honey with a fluffy white head, Mettle Alloy Batch 5 offers classic citrus-meets-tropical Trillium Double IPA aromas. Orange peel, grapefruit zest, and juicy melon greet the nose first, with pineapple gummy, bright mango, and a touch of peach rounding out the flavor experience. These saturated fruit-forward notes lay wonderfully atop a soft, medium-body, and pleasantly coating mouthfeel.




4 Pack Cans


Sorry, not available in drafts.


Sorry, not available in cans/bottles.


Sorry, not available in growlers.

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