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How To Pale Ale

How to pale ale

Over the past two decades, America's Test Kitchen has taught millions of cooks how to tackle any kitchen task - from peeling garlic to baking croissants - with confidence. Their Cook’s Illustrated magazine has had a particularly large impact on the lives of JC and Esther, as well as the approach we take with brewing at Trillium. In addition to the previously released DDH Illustrated, we wanted to create a beer specifically for ATK as they celebrated their 20th Anniversary.

When we sat down with the Test Kitchen team to discuss the direction we wanted to take for this celebratory beer, it became apparent that their How To series of articles was paramount in building foundational skills in the kitchen for so many of us here at Trillium. Likened to JC’s Trillium Brewer’s Blog, where he thoroughly documented his homebrewing recipes and techniques, the desire to spread knowledge and information is shared amongst both teams.

From these commonalities, the idea of How To Pale Ale was born. We set out to develop a beer that felt quintessentially Trillium and publicly share the recipe so that it could be recreated at home. We sourced local rye and triticale from Valley Malt to build a canvas for three of our favorite and most often utilized hop varieties: Citra, Galaxy, and Mosaic. The resulting beer is as infinitely bright and tropical as it is drinkable and is the ideal beer to pair alongside dinner prep. Use to recipe below to brew it at home yourself!


Mash/Lauter Tun
2 Boil Kettles
2 Carboys
Clean, Empty Bottles
Bottle Caps & Capper

10lbs - Pale 2-Row (Malt)
0.5lbs - Rye (Malt)
0.5lbs - Triticale (Malt)
0.5lbs - White Wheat (Malt)
6g - Calcium Chloride (Brewing Salt)
1oz - Mosaic (Kettle Hops, 0 min)
4oz - Mosaic (Dry Hop)
2.5oz - Citra (Dry Hop)
2.5oz Galaxy (Dry Hop)
Yeast Nutrient (15 min)
1tsp - Irish Moss (Fining Agent)
British Ale (Yeast)

  1. Bring 7.5 gallons of water to a stable 152ºF (66.5ºC) in your boil kettle. Add 5 gallons 152F water, malt, and 6g calcium chloride to Mash Tun and steep for 30 min or until conversion is complete.

  2. Bring remaining 2.5 gallons of water to 170F (76.5ºC) for sparge water.

  3. Vorlauf, runoff into 2nd kettle, and sparge 2.5 gallons. Collect 6 gallons of wort.

  4. Bring wort to a gentle rolling boil for 60 minutes. Add yeast nutrient and irish moss with 15 min left in boil and 1oz Mosaic hops at the boil’s completion.

  5. Chill wort to about 70ºF (21ºC) and rack into 5 gallon carboy using siphon. Pitch yeast and rock carboy gently back and forth to introduce oxygen.

  6. Ferment at 68ºF (20ºC) for about 7 days until fermentation is complete. Purge secondary carboy with CO2 then carefully rack into second carboy, leaving sediment behind.

  7. Add dry hops slowly to secondary carboy. If foaming occurs wait for it to go down and continue adding dry hops.

  8. After 4 days with dry hops add priming sugar to bottles, rack beer into bottles, and cap.

  9. Let bottles sit at 70F (21ºC) for 1-2 weeks and then enjoy!

Trillium All Together

New Beer

All Together

Initiated by our friends at Other Half Brewing with the help of Stout Collective and Craftpeak, All Together is a worldwide collaboration brewed to recognize the impact of COVID-19 on those in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Trillium, like millions of other breweries and restaurants, is rooted in the core of hospitality.

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