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Leveling the Playing Field

Leveling the Playing Field

At Trillium, the women on our team play a variety of roles necessary to produce and share our beer, food, and experiences. Our skills and backgrounds are diverse, but we chose craft beer as an industry, and Trillium in particular, for its hospitality and sense of community. Here we believe that empowering individuals, rather than genders, allows us to grow and be our best as a team. We see this as a level playing field for all; an environment where people are welcome to try new things and contribute in all aspects of the business. Beer is for everyone. Leading up to International Women’s Day, we will release Level Playing Field 2020, our annual Pink Boots Society collaboration, at all locations on Saturday, March 7th. This year we’ll kick off with a celebration event at our Canton brewery. Namaste & Network was imagined and brought to you by Trillium Canton’s Event Planner, Carolina Gonzalez. Carolina’s personal story is a great reflection of our intentions at Trillium and reveals one perspective shared by many of the women here: “One year ago I was at a crossroads in my career. I was working in event marketing for a large corporation in Boston, but was looking for a smaller company where I could have a creative outlet and work closely in a tight-knit team. I wanted a place that emphasized women in the workplace, philanthropic efforts, and where I could have a voice. Then I came across the Event Planner role at Trillium Canton. Of course I did some research on Trillium first to see what made this company pulse. What were their beliefs? What did they stand for? I came across an International Women’s Day event that was being hosted that same day, where you had the opportunity to meet Trillium co-founder Esther Tetreault. “This brewery was co-founded by a woman?!” I was in!

I walked into the event that night and was introduced to some of Trillium’s team members, and Esther. The conversations picked up like I had already known them. I felt comfortable and welcomed, I felt the potential that this new place had to offer, and I felt the importance of family here, which I previously struggled to find in a large corporation. Little did I know that they would all soon become my co-workers!

I have now been hosting and planning events here for almost ten months, and it is incredible to reflect on a company that not only states their core beliefs, but lives and breathes them every day. This time last year I was drinking and enjoying Level Playing Field as a curious outsider. This year, I not only helped brew the beer with my co-workers, but with my new role I had the opportunity to create the event celebrating women and promoting equality in craft beer.

Please register and join us on Saturday, March 7th for a morning full of yoga, snacks, mingling, massages, and, of course, the release of Level Playing Field 2020. All genders welcome!

Congress Label Tile

New Happenings

It Just Looked So Crazy

Congress Street is our beloved, signature IPA - and the first one we ever brewed! More than seven years after we first offered it to the public, we asked JC to take a few moments to reflect on the recipe’s intent and initial release back in 2013.

Daily Serving Keep Cold

New Happenings

Keep Cold. Drink Fresh. We're Always Making More!

We are obsessive in our focus on quality. We hire some of the most talented people in our industry, continually evaluate our processes, making improvements wherever possible, cultivate a robust lab and sensory program, and invest in expensive brewing equipment such as a Flottweg decanter, centrifuge, flash pasteurizer, and more. All of this is done with one goal in mind: to ensure that the beer in your glass is memorable, adds enjoyment and value to your lives, and is exactly what we intended it to be.

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