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Making New Homes In Familiar Places

Trillium Fenway

Exciting plans can be so hard to keep to yourself! We’ve been working on a couple of special projects for a while and the time has FINALLY come to share them with you...

Later this year we’ll be bringing Trillium to a brand new neighborhood. Trillium Fenway will be a unique year-round indoor/outdoor brewery and taproom featuring draft beers, retail cans and bottles to go, access to food from Time Out Market, and landmark city views all from an innovative, greenhouse-inspired structure on the front lawn of 401 Park.

Today we’re also officially announcing our plans for the future of our flagship production brewery in Canton. With dreams of more space and the type of taproom experience we all want to enjoy, we’ll be spending the next couple years preparing to move across town into a building we’re calling our Forever Home. Trillium Canton’s new location will be just off Rt. 93 with views of Great Blue Hill.

We’re pretty much bursting with anticipation for the future of these two spaces. For more than just the facts, read on as we put our enthusiasm into words.


There’s no question that the Fenway is an iconic part of Boston culture. Along with the stadium, the neighborhood is home to blossoming agriculture and tranquil greenery by way of The Fenway Victory Gardens and The Emerald Necklace. It also just so happens to be the neighborhood where Trillium co-founders JC and Esther Tetreault met and became the young dumb couple in love that started a brewery together. We’ve watched the neighborhood grow over the last decade with access to more great food, improved transportation, more fun-loving residents, and new businesses bringing new life to the Fenway. Being a part of this lush pocket in the city will give us a new way to bring people together.

Trillium Fenway will be our first ground up construction project. The 1,500 square foot structure, designed with us by Studio Troika, will blur the lines between outdoor beer garden and cozy indoor taproom. From the greenhouse-inspired space, we’ll watch the seasons change through the year - hanging out on the open-air patio in the summer and watching the snow shimmer through glass windows in the winter. In addition to the design of Trillium Fenway, we love that it’s conveniently located and public transit accessible, open year-round, and nestled into a historic area that is constantly bustling with sports, arts, and cultural activities. Our brewery was born in Boston, and our newest space in the city will set those roots deeper.


Down in Canton, we’ve spent almost five years getting to know and love our humble, industrial space on Shawmut Rd. As we’ve grown, we’ve outgrown the space and are currently operating out of four separate facilities to maintain our production, taproom, barrel-aging, laboratory, office, and warehouse operations. Our crew works super hard to create the best experience we can for our guests, but we dream of doing better with a new custom-built facility. The move to our Forever Home will open new doors for hospitality, while unifying our team and operations under one roof.

This next step is all about refining and expanding on the vision that we set out to create for Trillium Canton. Expect an elevated taproom/patio experience for enjoying your beers, an easier process for grabbing something to share at home, more space for on-site events, and a restaurant to fill your stomach with more than beer. All this will happen adjacent to a streamlined, modern brewery that will keep our production team together creating boundary-pushing beers.

The move to our permanent home isn’t quite a grab-the-keys-and-go situation. We’ll be gradually building out the space and moving our operations there in a stepwise function. For now, we’re looking forward to a fun summer on the patio at Shawmut Road. Stay tuned to our Trillium Canton Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for updates as we share our progress over the next couple years.

It goes without saying, but our whole crew is buckling our collective seatbelt for an exhilarating, collaborative journey towards these two locations. We couldn’t do it without you, and we can’t wait to fling the doors open for you. Let’s get to work!


Team Trillium

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New Happenings

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Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

New Happenings

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusivity

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