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A Trip To Sid Wainer & Son

Sid Wainer Truck

The average New Englander may not know it, but one of the region’s havens of specialty food is nestled just inland from the Acushnet River in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Sid Wainer & Son began curating and distributing the finest produce and goods over 100 years ago. In the time since, the Wainer family has grown the company into a bastion of quality - working with farmers, small producers and artisans across the world. Before we even opened the doors at Trillium Fort Point, we knew we’d be working extensively with the Sid Wainer team. They’ve helped us access a variety of fruit, veggies and specialty goods, produced the right way and brought to life on our ever-changing menu. Daily deliveries from Sid Wainer fuel our cheese selections, highlight our seasonal salads and add bright, delicious flavor to our main courses.


The Sid Wainer team’s work extends beyond just the realm of distribution. Farm Manager Ben Comeau directs the production of an assortment of herbs, vegetables and flowers from a greenhouse in New Bedford and the Wainer Family Farm in Dartmouth, MA. Walking between rows of veggies and sampling herbs while Ben describes his projects, it’s easy to feel the passion for agriculture radiating through everything Sid Wainer does.

Located on a quiet, pasture-laden street just off Buzzard’s Bay, the Wainer Family Farm feels all at once rustic and innovative. Here, Ben cultivates an assortment of crops, while fine tuning production techniques and methods. We found ourselves positively energized by the sight of rows of shishito peppers starting to grow in the greenhouse, or the kale plants starting to dot the farm beds. Visiting those who help us create our menu is not just educational for our team, it helps reconnect us with the origins of our work. This in turn brings into focus our current impact on the farming and food community and helps shape the plans for our own farm in North Stonington.


To cap off our visit, Chef Morway from Trillium Fort Point hopped into the kitchen at the homestead on the farm to create a dish that’s near and dear to us. Griddled cornbread with burrata, fresh fruit, and honey. The burrata is one of our favorite offerings from Sid Wainer, and while we’ve been known to snack on it by itself, it really shines in this dish that has been on our menu since day one. As we continue to develop recipes showcasing intentionally crafted food, we look forward to the little moments of inspiration that Sid Wainer’s offerings bring us. It’s a joy to see their many projects in action, and an honor to call them our partners.

Leveling the Playing Field

New Happenings

Leveling the Playing Field

At Trillium, the women on our team play a variety of roles necessary to produce and share our beer, food, and experiences. Our skills and backgrounds are diverse, but we chose craft beer as an industry, and Trillium in particular, for its hospitality and sense of community.

JC & Dr. J

New Happenings

Joining the Conversation

In a time where negativity and hate seemingly fuel each other, capturing the public’s attention with more vigor than kindness and positivity, we were optimistic when we saw the #iamcraftbeer movement begin this past Autumn. Fueled by a racist email sent to beer blogger Chalonda White of Afro Beer Chick, Brewers Association Diversity Ambassador Dr.

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