field trip

Remember the thrill…

of grabbing your paper bag lunch and hopping on a bus for a school field trip with all your friends? Well we're bringing it back for the grown ups, with some of our best friends in beer...and you're invited!

Join Trillium Brewing Company and friends on Saturday, August 4th at The Back Fields at 1895 JW Foster Blvd in Canton, MA for a two session festival. Expect full pours of an insane lineup of beers. Don't worry about packing your lunch, we'll have a variety of food trucks to hit every craving.

The Back Fields
1895 J W Foster Boulevard Canton, MA, 02021  (map)

Saturday, August 4, 2018
Session 1: 11:00am - 4:00pm
Last Call - 3pm
Session 2: 5:00pm - 11pm
Last Call - 10pm



Bellweiser Pilsner
Fruit Jelly King
Goblin Sauce
Jelly King

Big Small World
The Substance

Classic Saison
Draft Lab English Summer
Draft Lab Hefe

DDH Dobis Pale Ale
Galaxy Blaster IPA
Juice Gymnastics DIPA
Mt. Nelson Pale Ale
Problem Sauvin DIPA


Brut IPA 001
Brut IPA Champagne
New England IPA
West Coast IPA


Decadent Delight 2
One Day My IPA Will Have Something to Say About This
Decadent Delight 3
That’s What Happens When You Let Dad Outta the House


BA Here Kitty Kitty
Dark Bier
Dipped in Sauce
Hang Ten Shaka Brah
Punch It, Chewie!
Sippin on Yak
Sour Berry Fin
Bout It Bout It
Mount Stoutmore


BA Oil of Aphrodite
Mystic Mama
See Foam


Sip of Sunshine
Super Session #7
Hopzilla Double IPA
Fayston Maple Imperial Stout w/ Tart Cherry


Cousin of Death
Diggin' And Diggin'
Le Mot Juste
Water Balloon Fight Club
Strawberry Space Cookie


The Standard


3 Sons Pancake
Raspberry Milkshake


Cheddar Broccoli
DDH Double Citra Daydream
DDH Space Daydream
Indigo Hands
Inspirational Song Omnibus
Triple Mosaic Daydream


Distant Land
Static Electricity


Fake Smile
OH to OK
Pirate Paradise
Rainbow Runner


BA Encorcelled
Feed the Monster
Home Sour Home
There are Rules


Bright Sea Blonde
Recency Effect


Action Bronson's 7000
Fast Fashion
Gose Gone Hopped
Mainstream Pop Song


Cat Nap
Dub Razz Tastee
Mai Tai Tastee
Raspberry All That You Are
Yellow Ferrari


Vic Secret Cutting Tiles
DDH Melcher St.
Spectacle Island
Peach Super Soak
Permutation #52: Imperial Stout with Almonds, Coffee and Vanilla
Permutation #57: Imperial Stout with Coconut and Vanilla
(+ assorted, very limited Field Trip exclusive kegs)


We’re excited to share the list for Trillium Field Trip 2018! There's a TON of beer ready for you, but certain beers will likely run out faster than others. If something really catches your eye, we recommend making it your first pour to ensure that you get to try it. Look for a variety of beers to be available at all times, with new beers switching in as each session goes on. Pours will come in 5 oz or 10 oz sizes depending on ABV (it's a marathon, not a sprint after all) and availability - all drink tickets will be $7 each.


A parking lot will be available for cars under 6'8" and an oversize lot for those over that size. We do recommend carpooling and using rideshare if possible for the sake of crowd control, but there is parking on site. 



Travel safe to and from the Field Trip - Lyft has provided a 25% off code for festival rides. Access it here or by using "TRILLIUMFT2018".

Trillium Canton is just a short ride from the Field Trip site - use your Lyft code to make your way to draft pours on the patio and beers to take home.