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Up to 22 cases (264 bottles) of Permutation Series Number 9 may have been mislabeled with a different beer that has not finished conditioning. We have currently stopped selling Perm 9 at both breweries until we can confirm the beer that's in the bottle. We're issuing full refunds to anyone who purchased a bottle of Perm 9 today (3/21). For those of you who paid by credit card, we will issue remote refunds over the next few days. You do not need to come in for the refund. Look for confirmation in your credit card statement over the next few days. For those who paid with cash, please bring your receipt back to either brewery for a full refund. All cash transactions must provide a receipt.

This sucks for us on many levels, but on the bright side for you...the other beer is Cranberry Soak which is still a few months from being ready. If you're so inclined, you could hold your bottle until we release Cranberry Soak, at which point either beer would be ready to drink. Perm 9 will age well at room temp, and we'll be monitoring Cranberry Soak for release. Please store your bottle at room temp and do not refrigerate. When we release Cranberry Soak later this year, that will be your cue to crack your "Mystery Perm 9 Bottle". If it is indeed Perm 9, it will still taste great. Please share with us your results. 

We are so sorry for this inconvenience! Once we have validated the entire batch we will begin reselling Permutation Series Number 9. Stay tuned for details.

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