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Trillium FAQ

Curbside Pick Up

What locations are open for pickup?
All three Trillium locations, Canton, Fenway and Fort Point are currently open for pickup Wednesday - Sunday.

When can I place my pickup order?
You can place your online pickup order, daily starting at 9 AM and up-to 30 minutes prior to close at each location. All orders are for same-day pickup, no orders for future dates. 

Do I have to order online or can I place an order when I arrive?
All pickup orders must be placed ONLINE, IN ADVANCE. We cannot accommodate any orders not placed prior to your arrival. 

What if I don’t pickup my order by close?
Your order will be canceled, restocked, and refunded without penalty. We kindly ask that you do not abuse this service as a means of “holding” beer. 

Where / How do I pickup my order at Canton?
• Please arrive on or after the time printed on your receipt.
Drive to Trillium Canton (110 Shawmut Rd.)
• Our attendant will check your ID and check number through the closed window of your vehicle and direct you to a pickup station.
• Your order will be placed on a table. 
• Collect your order from the table once our staff member steps safely away.

Where / How do I pickup my order at Fenway?
• Please arrive on or after the time printed on your receipt. (If arriving by car please read the FAQ on Fenway parking below).

• Walk up to Trillium Fenway (401 Park Drive) and proceed to the main glass doors. Please present your ID and check number to the greeter. The greeter will direct your to your pick up table.

• Please maintain 6’ social distance between guests and staff at all times.

Where / How do I pickup my order at Fort Point?
• Please arrive on or after the time printed on your receipt. 

• Walk up to Trillium Fort Point (50 Thompson Place) and proceed to the main glass doors. Please present your ID and check number to the greeter. The greeter will direct your to your pick up table.

• Please note the social distancing markers on the ground and maintain 6’ social distance between guests and staff at all times.

Is parking available at Fenway?
Yes, guests can use the above-ground lot or the garage at Landmark Center. The first 15 minutes of parking are complimentary. Additional metered parking is available on neighboring streets.

Can someone else pick up my order for me?
Yes! The person picking up will just need a digital copy of your receipt and their own valid 21+ ID.

Can I order single cans? Bottles?
At this time, our order interval for canned beer is by the 4-pack. Bottles may be purchased individually.

Have other questions? Feel free to email us at!

UPS Direct

Currently Shipping to: MA, NH, VT, PA, KY & D.C.
 Click Here for State Specific Details

When can I order for UPS Direct?
Anytime, any day! 

When will my order ship?
Orders ship Monday - Friday. We strive to ship orders received by 12 PM same day. Orders that come in after 12 PM on Friday and over the weekend, will ship the following Monday. 

When will my beer be delivered?
All packages are shipped via UPS ground and are expected to arrive in 1-3 business days depending on your . You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped. 

Is there a minimum or maximum on what I can order?
There is no minimum order requirement, however, shipping limits and regulations do vary per state. Click for details before ordering.

*For Pennsylvania Residents Only: 

  • *Total Order Limit (per month): The law states that no PA resident may order more than 192 fl oz. per month. This equates to (3) four-packs of 16 oz. cans. If more than (3) four-packs are added to your order, we will need to issue a refund.
  • *Brand Order Limit (per year): PA also requires that no resident may order more than 96 fl oz. of any single brand per year. This equates to (6) 16oz cans, but because we sell all brands in four-packs, in practice, the limit is (1) four-pack, per brand, per year. Any orders containing multiple four-packs of the same brand will be refunded.

*For Washington D.C. Residents Only:

  • *Total Order Limit (per month): The law states that no DC resident may order more than 12 units of alcohol per month (3 four-packs.)  If more than (3) four-packs are added to your order, we will need to issue a refund accordingly.

What does shipping cost?
Shipping rates are determined per box, based upon quantity of 4-packs ordered. (1-3) 4-packs, $25.00 and (4-6) 4-packs, $30.00. Orders greater than 1-case will require additional boxes at the same rates. For example an order of (9) 4-packs would cost $55.00 to ship in (2) boxes. 

Does someone need to be home at the time of delivery?
Yes. Adult signature is required at time of delivery. UPS will not leave the package without someone over the age of 21 present with a valid ID. 

Can I cancel my order?
Yes. You can cancel your order for a full refund if it has not yet shipped. 

Can I order bottles?
Not quite yet! 

What about merchandise?
Currently, we do not offer merchandise through UPS Direct, but check out our online merch store.

I live outside of the states listed for UPS Direct - can you ship to me? 
Unfortunately no. We are currently only shipping to 6 states: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Kentucky, and Washington D.C.

Can I order beer for a friend or family member?
Yes! You can place an order to be delivered to anyone that lives within Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Kentucky, and Washington D.C. As a reminder, someone over the age of 21 must be home to accept the delivery.

Can I use a Trillium gift card on the beer store?
Not yet. For shipping compliance purposes the Trillium online beer store is separate from our curbside store.

Will all brands be available via UPS?
Inventory will vary by day depending upon availability and release schedule. Since we continue to operate curbside pick-up and Trillivery home delivery, inventory may be different than other Trillium locations from time-to-time. 

I received my order and something is wrong!
Our apologies! Please contact us via your preferred social media platform or at and we'll make every effort to resolve your issue in a timely manner. 


What is your delivery range?
We change our delivery area each day in order to service as many people as possible. To view our current week's delivery regions and schedule, click here.

What days do you offer delivery?
We deliver Thursday - Sunday, weekly.

When can I place my delivery order?
Delivery orders can be placed online daily between the hours of 9 AM - 3 PM, or until we've reached our maximum order capacity. Delivery orders must be placed one day prior to our published delivery day. (i.e. if we’re delivering to your neighborhood on Friday, you must place your online delivery order between 9 AM- 3 PM on Thursday).

When will my delivery order be delivered?
Your order will be delivered between 8 AM - 7 PM, on your delivery day. At this time, we cannot provide delivery windows. You will receive a text when you are the next stop on your driver's route. Someone over the age of 21 with a valid ID must be present to accept the order. IDs can be shown through a window of your home to ensure zero-contact delivery.

Can I order delivery multiple days in advance?
No. At this time, delivery orders may only be placed between 9 AM - 3 PM on the day prior to your delivery range’s servicing date.

What are your delivery minimums? Maximums?
There is no minimum order quantity. Orders totaling $100+ will receive free delivery, orders less than $100 will incur a $25.00 delivery fee.

What if I’m not home, or someone over 21 is not present at the time of delivery?
We cannot deliver your beer without someone of legal drinking age present to accept the delivery. If no one is home, we will bring your beer back to Trillium Canton, where we will hold it for Curbside Pick Up for one day.

Can I order single cans?
At this time, no.

What beers are available for delivery?
Delivery availability varies due to fluctuations in our inventory. Not all brands will be available at all times. To view current availability, click here.

Is the beer delivered cold?
Yes, cans leave our cold room each morning and head out on delivery trucks. Bottles are stored at room temperature.

I live less than a mile from the edge of your current delivery range, can you make an exception?
In most instances, yes! Send us a message via social media or and we will see what we can do!

What if my address doesn’t fall within your current delivery range?
We are continually shifting delivery ranges to accommodate as many people as possible. If you don’t see your address currently included, fill out this form. It will increase the odds that we visit your town soon and we'll even notify you when we do!

Can you ship beer out of state?
For shipping to MA, NH, VT, PA, KY, and D.C. residences, check out our UPS Direct shipping service!


Do you offer growlers?
Due to current circumstances and health regulations, we have temporarily paused growler fills until further notice. We look forward to resuming growler fills in the future when it is safe to do so!

Do you offer tours?
We are unable to offer tours at this time, however, all three taprooms are designed with an open-air architectural concept which allows you to view parts of the brewery. Our team is always on hand to discuss how we got started and how we operate, what the latest brews have been and what we’ve got planned in the future. Just ask on your next visit!

Do you sell kegs?
We do not sell kegs at this time.

Do you host virtual tastings?
Due to current circumstances, we have paused events of this nature until further notice.

Are you hiring?
As a small but growing business we’ll be needing to add to our family of staff from time to time. You can check our current job postings here: Current positions available


Still have questions?
Send us an email at!

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