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Honest Pint: Trillium Brewing

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by Heather Vandenengel | July 6, 2011

Boston - Fort Point is known for its ginormous arts community, but if all goes as planned, it will also be home to a brand spankin’ new craft brewery.

Trillium Brewing Company, founded by homebrewer Jean-Claude Tetreault and his wife Esther, have a space in Fort Point where they hope to open a brewery and a tasting room.

Trillium will be a proper farmhouse brewery, says Tetreault. He plans on starting a hop farm, using barley from local farmers through the Valley Malt malthouse, and incorporating seasonal ingredients in all of their beers.

So here’s where you come in. JC and Esther have a zoning hearing for the space on July 12 and they could use all the help we can muster by writing letters of support for the brewery and sending them to jc (at) trilliumbrewing (dot) com.


Follow the Trillium Brewing blog too, for updates on yeast hunting, brewing experiments and the trials and tribulations of opening a brewery in Boston.