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Grab a Growler & Go: Trillium Brewing Opens in Fort Point

Originally appeared here by Alex E Weaver

After more than two years of homebrewing and cooking up a business model, co-owner Jean-Claude Tetreault and his wife Esther are at long last opening up their much anticipated Trillium Brewing Company at 369 Congress Street in Fort Point.

Their beers, including the namesake pale farmhouse ale, Trillium (which BeerAdvocatescored a world-classs 95), will be available in refillable growlers only from the retail shop on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, as onsite samplings are still on hold pending approval from the Inspectional Services Department.

But that shouldn’t dissuade you from stopping in for a visit. In fact, the location has just as much of a story behind it as the brews, according to a recent Phoenix interview with JC:

We really looked all over the Greater Boston market [and] uncovered this little spot, which just happened to be in one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Boston in terms of both an enduring arts community as well as economic revitalization. It was an incredibly rough space, and we had to hack and scratch out a brewery in there … For all the positives of being part of focused neighborhood development, there were almost as many challenges associated.

The result, though, is Boston proper’s first production brewery since 1993 and only its fourth since 1986 (the others being Harpoon, Samuel Adams and the now closed Tremont), according to Jason and Todd Alstrom of BeerAdvocate.

“Opening the retail shop and launching our first beer, Trillium, is the realization of an extensive family and community effort.” said JC Tetreault, in a company release. “Esther and I couldn’t be more excited for these moments; we look forward to seeing you at the brewery!”

And I look forward to going, both because I’ve heard great things about Trillium, but also because there’s just so much going on in Fort Point in general.

Every burgeoning neighborhood could use a local brewpub — and every Bostonian could use a few more growlers in their life.