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Special Trillium Releases & ACBF 2014

Special Trillium Releases & American Craft Beer Fest

We are gearing up for Beer Advocate’s American Craft Beer Fest on Friday May 30th and Saturday May 31st! We’re pretty excited about the beers we are releasing so thought we’d share what got planned for the week ahead:


Bottle Release: Lineage Rye
Wednesday May 28th 4pm

Lineage Rye is back after making its debut at last year’s ACBF! Beers in the Lineage Series are wild saisons that feature locally grown and malted brewing grains. In this case, its Danko Rye from our friends at Valley Malt. Lineage Rye was first fermented in stainless with our farmhouse yeast blend and then inoculated with our house ‘bug blend’ microbe culture when racked to oak cooperage over a year ago. The beer continued to slowly ferment and developed beautifully wild and earthy notes and a subtle but bright and clean lactic acidity. Bottles will be available at the brewery’s tasting room on Wednesday May 28th, 4pm, in 375ml format. Since there is a limited amount of this beer, there will be a 6 bottle per person limit and no holds.


Bottle Release: Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale (DDHFPPA)
Thursday May 29th 4pm

We took what has easily been our most popular pilot batches and finally brewed a full batch of Double Dry Hopped Fort Point. The ‘normal’ Fort Point is already teeming with citrus and tropical fruit character with a single, but rather hefty  addition of Citra and Columbus hops post fermentation. In DDHFPPA, we hit it again with a second dry hop to pile it on with even more hop aromatics and flavor we love so much in Fort Point. Available for 32oz and 64oz growler fills, starting Thursday at 4PM until it runs out. There will be a 1 gallon per person limit and no holds.



Mettle is our double IPA that was originally brewed in celebration of our one year anniversary. Mettle combines deep hop character with sturdy, balancing grain bill, featuring Valley Malt Triticale, Danko Rye and Wheat. We called in some favors to get more of the very tough to find hops to brew this beer again. Mettle will be available for growler fills at the brewery starting at noon on Friday until it runs dry. There will be a 1 gallon per person limit and no holds.


American Craft Beer Fest
Friday May 30th, Saturday May 31st

The crew over at Beer Advocate puts on one of the finest beer festivals in the country in ACBF at the World Trade Center in Seaport right in our brewery’s backyard. With over 140 breweries from all over the country bringing over 640 different beers, its a pretty special event to be a part of and we’re pretty proud that it was our first fest one year ago. If you have a ticket come please come visit us at booth 143 and try some of our offerings. We’re bringing Lineage Rye, DDHFPPA and Mettle


Special Retail Hours
Saturday May 31st

We will be open for special retail hours on Saturday May 31st – 10am – 4pm (opening a little early and closing a little early) so please plan accordingly if you’d like to stop by for a growler fill or bottle purchase.


The Trillium Team

We are excited to announce that Zach Page has taken on the role of Brewer at Trillium Brewing Company. Zach has been with Trillium for over three years, when it was really just a concept, lending countless hours to help get the brewery open. When we first opened, Zach managed the retail shop and has spent most of the last year as Assistant Brewer. We are looking forward to seeing Trillium continue to grow under Zach’s leadership and expertise.

We’ve also brought on a full time Cellarman, Paul Upham. Paul has a range of experience in the beer industry and brings along a great set of tools and know-how that goes hand in hand with his passion for beer and brewing. Paul’s responsibilities range from handling and overseeing our packaging, deliveries and managing the retail space.