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Expansion & Aug/Sept Beer Release Update

Trillium Brewing Expansion Update

Thanks to everyone’s tremendous support, we’re expanding! For now that means we’ve just barely shoe horned in two new 20bbl tanks which amounts to a 45% increase in capacity. We figure that’ll help make favorites like Fort Point Pale Ale and Congress Street available on a more regular basis, but we’re still a long way away from the where we eventually will be. We want to operate out of our current home base on Congress Street for as long as possible, but since there’s no further expansion opportunities here, we can tell you we’ve also been scouting locations for a 2nd brewing location for nearly a year.  Hopefully we can share more details on a more significant expansion soon!

Beer Releases


1. ***SOLD OUT Noon on Tuesday, August 19th; Heavy Mettle Double IPA SOLD OUT***

When we were invited to the Hop Jam (!!!) our instincts drove us to take the most intensely hoppy beer we’ve brewed to date, our 1st Anniversary Double IPA, Mettle and crank it up even more to make Heavy Mettle! We’ve set aside some kegs for both the Hop Jam and The Armsby Abbey dinner later this month. But not everyone is going to these killer events, so the rest has made its way to 750ml bottles (no growler fills). The bottles will be released exclusively at the brewery at Noon on Tuesday August 19th. In order to help prevent extended wait times, only bottles (no samples, growler filling) will be available starting at noon through to 4PM on Tuesday. Growler filling of other beers will resume at 4PM and any remaining bottles of Heavy Mettle will continue to be available. There’s a limit of four bottles of Heavy Mettle per person, no holds. Oh, we’ve got some cool gifts to show our appreciation for the first 20 people in line for Heavy Mettle!

2. ***SOLD OUT Noon on Thursday, August 21st: Double Dry Hopped Congress Street IPA SOLD OUT***

While we were chucking massive quantities of hops around for the Hop Jam and the Armsby anniversary dinner, we figured we should double down on our brewery’s most popular IPA, Congress Street.  Same deal as Heavy Mettle: kegs set aside for those events later this month, while the rest made its way to 750ml bottles (no growler fills). The bottles will be released exclusively at the brewery at Noon on Thursday August 21st. Only bottles (no samples, growler filling) available from noon-4PM on Thursday. Growler filling of other beers will resume from 4-730PM. Limit of four bottles of Double Dry Hopped Congress Street IPA per person, no holds.

3. Double Pot & Kettle aged on American Oak & Vanilla Beans

We knew we needed to brew a special beer to close out the Armsby Abbey 6th Anniversary Dinner on August 26th (full menu details here), so when Alec invited us to be the featured brewery a few months ago, we wanted to take advantage of the conditioning time, but we couldn’t tie up one of our bigger tanks for that long.  So, pilot batch of Double Pot & Kettle. The addition of Dark Belgian Candi Sugar was responsible for furthering the depths of charred fruit and roasted flavors. This special sugar bumped up the abv to 9% but its tremendous fermentability resulted in that same smooth drinkability you come to enjoy in Pot & Kettle. We aged a portion of this 1.5bbl pilot batch on American oak staves and Vanilla Beans further layering in complementary aromatic, flavors, mouthfeel. Outside of the single 1/6bbl keg earmarked for the dinner, we bottled the balance of the batch in 375ml bottles. Stay tuned for a release date for these toward the end of August.Given the batch size, there will only be a very small number available (a little over 300 bottles).

4. Thursday, September 4th American Sour Beers Book Signing

…plus Lineage Rye & Wheat Bottle Releases

Before the book was released, we asked Michael Tonsmiere aka The Mad Fermentationist if he might be interested in doing a book signing of his incredible book American Sour Beerswhen he was in Boston…Mike said yes! We pulled some special beers out of our cellar in anticipation of his visit to the brewery on Thursday, September 4th. We have the return of Lineage Rye and the introduction of Lineage Wheat – wild saisons featuring locally grown & malted Rye and Wheat respectively from Valley Malt. These beers have been aged for over a year in 500L/132 gallon casks, slowly fermenting with our house wild microbe mixed culture. We’ll also have some beautiful stemmed Lineage Series glasses available, perfect for enjoying these rustic wild saisons. Details/timing of the book signing bottle limits to be determined/announced.


We’ve got new 13oz stemmed tulip glasses for sale at the brewery! These will soon trickle out to some of our favorite accounts and be added to our web shop too.


We now also carry the much requested four bottle / 32oz growler holder bag.  A bunch of new t-shirts have also arrived plus ladies tank tops and kids Ts aren’t far behind. Shopping for someone else? We’ve got certificates to let the recipient decide what they’ll want!