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We're Building Another Brewery

So we’re building another brewery.

Holy shit.

It’s official, we’ve signed a lease for a second facility in Canton, near the University Station development.  We’ve got just under 16,000 square feet of awesome potential.  With parking.

I’ll answer all of (some of) your questions in a minute, but first I need to get nostalgic.  I’m never the sentimental one, JC is the romantic in our partnership (and marriage), but I’m pausing to reflect because we haven’t really had the time to do that in 5 years…and don’t see it slowing down now.

Skip this section if you’ve heard my story before.  JC and I imagined Trillium when we were planning our wedding.  As an avid homebrewer, JC wanted to brew the beer for our wedding and we thought it would be fun to create a brand as part of the process.  Name, recipes, labels…everything.  Our insanely talented friend and groomsman, Kevin Cimo, worked with JC to bring our images to life.  (Side note: Kevin is the brilliant talent behind all our hand-drawn labels you see today.)  It was on our honeymoon that JC brought up the idea of actually building our own brewery someday.  I was still on a delirious high after our wedding so I said, “Sure, baby…I love you so much…”  Fast forward a year and a half and I’m pregnant…with a baby…and a lease.  Wait, what??

We didn’t exactly have the financial ability  to go ‘all in’ to start Trillium.  JC had a full-time job and traveled internationally and I ran another business of my own. All while we were constantly working in the background to make Trillium happen.  It hasn’t been easy and we couldn’t have gotten open without an incredibly dedicated core team.

We’ve had many “Well, I guess this is the end of Trillium…” hurdles, some of which have been (very) public and others that silently kept us up at night wondering if we were going to need to sell our home, maybe move to another state to try again.  But the thing that kept us going, and braced us when we thought we were done for, was the unwavering support of our Trillium family, the vocal support of the local beer community, and the fans that line up around the corner in any conditions to try whatever we’re releasing on any given Tuesday.  Next time you’re in, please say hi to our amazing crew: Zach, Paul, Andrew, Matt, (Zach) Colton, (Matt) Garstka, Will, Meg, Shea, Amanda, Matty.  They’re pretty excited, too.

JC and I are so proud, enthusiastic, humbled, and driven to be able to share Trillium on an expanded level with so many more: a growing  Trillium family, a new community, and more fans.  As business partners, it’s a relief to know that we’ve reached a level of success together that enables more stability and security.  But as a wife looking at her husband, it’s hard to express the joy and pride I feel seeing how truly happy and inspired JC is now finally ‘all in’ living what he loves.  Thanks so much to all of you who helped in every way to make this next step a possibility.

OK!  Time for Q&A……….

Most importantly, NO we are not (ever) leaving Fort Point!  We plan to keep our tiny little store and production facility in Boston.  We’ll just finally be able to loosen the reins on production volume and operate more like a pilot brewery, continuing to offer new styles that are available until they run out.  We love seeing regulars come in week after week, arms full of growlers, looking up at the board to see what’s new.  The relationships we’ve built and feedback we receive is so meaningful to us.  We’ll be able to keep the Boston shop supplied with bottles and kegs from Canton, so you’ll still be able to get special releases as well as year-round beers like Fort Point Pale Ale and Congress Street IPA. We’ll bring some fun stuff down to Canton from Boston, too!

Yes, we’ll have a retail store in Canton.  Growlers and bottles.  We’re working with the city towards on-premise consumption but nothing set in stone yet.  Tours and events TBD.

How much will we produce?  We’re opening with a 3-vessel DME MasterBrew 30BBL High Output Brewing System and six 90-barrel fermenters, to start, as well as an expanded barrel program.  Between the two locations we’ll have approximately 10,000 barrels in annual production.

Where will we distribute?  We’ll continue to self-distribute and better keep our current accounts in consistent supply, as well as create relationships with new restaurants, bars, and bottle shops.  We’ve been keeping a little list over the last 2 years, and I can’t wait to finally start making some of those calls to say YES!  We have Trillium for you.

When???  Nobody knows better than us that, as soon as you put a date on it, you might as well scratch it and add 3 months (and then scratch that and add 3 more).  Let’s just say late 2015…



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