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Trillium & Prairie Drop TrillBOMB!

Brewing TrillBOMB! was a blast: Prairie Artisan Ales’ Michael Lalli visited Canton in January for a special brew day. A guest brewer wasn’t the only treat in the house, though... we also had a delivery of some fun new ingredients.

TrillBOMB! is a blend of Trillium’s Night & Day base grist, plus special sugars and spices that Prairie uses in their signature Bomb! Imperial Stout. Bomb! calls for brown sugar, cacao, and ancho chilis, all of which were new to us.

Trillium’s own Zach Page had a great time collaborating on TrillBOMB! day: “Collaborations offer an open exchange of ideas, allowing us to work with new ingredients, and learn from each other. Using new ingredients is always a challenge, but it's one of my favorite things that what we do.  A ton of research goes into each ingredient, and process, to determine how best to create something truly special like TrillBOMB!”

True to it’s name, TrillBOMB!’s flavor is explosive. Sweet coffee, dark chocolate, and vanilla are complemented by a subtle Ancho chili heat. And the bourbon barrels we racked some into are going to work magic over time… Stay tuned!

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