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A Level Seesaw on the Brewing Playground

Over the last few weeks, the women of Trillium came together to learn, discuss and create our second annual Pink Boots Collaboration beer to celebrate International Women’s Day (this Friday March 8). The Pink Boots Society is a non-profit organization created to assist, inspire and encourage women beer industry professionals to advance their careers through education.

In asking the question: “Who are we?”

they start with the response: “We are the female movers and shakers in the beer industry.”

We, the female professionals at Trillium, decided to define who we are.


During our brew day, we shared some thoughts about our roles at Trillium and in our professional histories, as well as for the future of female-identifying individuals in craft beer. We came together as a group, from across our multiple locations and a range of departments: hospitality, production, finance, HR, marketing, safety, and programming (to name a few). A persistent thread in our conversation was that we, as women at Trillium, feel welcome regardless of gender. What an incredibly unique feeling to share at a workplace, especially in a male-dominated industry!

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The strong and vocal community we’ve built at Trillium gives us a platform and a responsibility to share our message. We unequivocally promote inclusivity and equal opportunity. Our belief is that the beer industry is for everyone, no matter where you come from, what gender you identify as, or what your area of expertise is.

At Trillium, the women on staff come from all walks of life and participate in a variety of roles necessary to produce and share craft beer. Some of us have been industry professionals for a number of years, others have found a way to turn passionate hobbies into careers. Some of us came from an entirely different field, drawn to the industry, and Trillium in particular, for its hospitality and sense of community. We have found a warm and welcoming home. We appreciate the fact that Trillium provides us with an environment where we can contribute our diverse talents, male or female. Empowering individuals, rather than genders, allows us to grow and be our best as a team. We see this as a level playing field for all; a team where people are welcome to try new things, and succeed in all parts of the business.  

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There are so many critical roles necessary to create and share each and every beer we proudly present to you. May, our Quality Assurance Lab Technician; Elinor, our Merchandise Coordinator; Leighann, our Bar Manager; Leah, our Graphic Designer; and Alexx, one of our amazing Fort Point servers - are just a few of the talented women who help us operate as a team, creating a complex business that spans many disciplines at multiple locations all working to bring you amazing beer. Not every organization has the same values or structure, but here at Trillium our “women at work” collaborate on a level playing field. The first release of our 2019 Pink Boots collaborations is designed to show just that.

Sensory tasting led by our QA Technician, May

Sensory tasting led by our QA Technician, May


Level Playing Field is a spin-off of our beloved and refreshing Double Seesaw gose series, brewed with passion fruit, prickly pear and dragon fruit. Our standard Seesaw labels depict a seesaw (or two or three) positioned on a natural angle. We decided to change it up a bit. Level Playing Field shows two balanced seesaws representing the balance of gender at Trillium, and to show how proud we are to work here. This inclusivity is something that not only we, the women of Trillium take pride in, but the men feel as well.

So, should you ask: “Who are we?”

We will tell you: “We are proud members of the Trillium team and the craft beer industry. We are talented, experienced, hard-working, and fun. We are critical to our company’s success. And yeah...we’re women, too.”


Level Playing Field will be released on Friday, March 8th, International Women’s Day, to celebrate all the women in the industry and Trillium’s ongoing efforts to create a fair and prosperous work environment for all. The beer will be available in cans and on draft, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Pink Boots Society. To learn more about Pink Boots visit them on their website.


The level seesaw you see on the label was illustrated by our in-house graphic designer, Leah. She put her own spin on the design that adorns the rest of the labels in this series. A couple of Leah’s other recent projects include our collaboration teku with Equilibrium Brewery and the eye-catching digital displays in our Canton taproom.

On Friday, March 8th, please join us to celebrate the release and to have a beer with our co-founder Esther Tetreault at our taproom in Canton. More info about that meetup can be found on our website.



Team Trillium