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Always Improving


You, our customers, are an impassioned community and we are thankful for that. We are sorry that we let you down. We’ve always listened to what you have to say and this time is no different.

Our five years in the craft beer community have been a whirlwind with massive change and super-fast growth thanks to you. From day one, all that we’ve ever wanted to do is make great beer for our customers and build a family and culture at Trillium that values loyalty.

Our retail employees have been the face of Trillium, helping you discover beer you will love. You value their knowledge and their hospitality and so do we. In recognition, we are taking several actions to further invest in our team.

We want you to know the details, so here goes…

We are raising the hourly rate our retail employees are paid to between $15 and $18 an hour, based on tenure and knowledge of our craft. Those who currently work for us will move to a minimum of between $16.00 and $17.50 per hour, based on tenure. Our employees already felt well compensated under our tip-based model. By increasing their hourly wages we provide them with a more predictable paycheck. Our customers still have the option to add a tip to recognize exceptional service.

Our current professional development program is getting better as well. Our retail employees will now have the opportunity to increase their hourly rate as they complete educational programs.

We are also finalizing our plans to update all of Team Trillium’s bonus program for 2019. We are changing the annual bonus program from a purely tenure-based system to one that also has a merit-based component. This way, our entire team will still benefit from the strong performance of our business and will now also be rewarded for their individual contributions. We will continue to provide benefits to our full-time employees, including health and dental insurance, 401k with company match, annual matching for charitable donations of their choice and free beer.

We believe these changes reflect what we expect of ourselves and what you expect from us. You and our team hold us to a high standard and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Regarding the quality of our beer, we hold our products to the same high standard. As a practice we do not add spirits to our beer, we do not market beers as barrel-aged if they do not spend time in barrels, and the beer we fill our growlers with is no different than our packaged beer. All of our beer is constantly monitored by our retail team, quality assurance lab, and production team.

Trillium is a success because of our loyal customers and our dedicated team that comes to work every day excited to make and serve awesome beer. Our commitment to making exceptional beer and creating memorable experiences will never waiver.

Esther & JC