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Belgian Pale Ale: Time Capsule

For me, beer often behaves as a time capsule. A certain beer, style, or flavor can wield the surprising power of sensory memory that allows me to relive a moment in time and space that I had otherwise forgotten. In this case it's a feeling of relaxation and total relief. 

Whenever I start to pour a Belgian Pale Ale, as that voluminous, rocky head starts to build and those distinctive spicy phenolic and fruity odors hit my nose, strong memories come rushing back of a ritual I adopted while traveling in Europe for my previous career in clinical research. I'd often find myself dead tired from red eye flights, driving for hours in a rental car, racing around from hotel to convention center to hospitals, then finally being able to collapse down at the nearest cafe. I would order a basket of frites and a pale ale from whatever the local brewery happened to be in the town. Lifting up the always matching brewery branded goblet and taking the first few gulps of the beer just beyond that huge foamy head, I could finally allow my jet lagged brain to transition away from the hectic day to the dream of bringing Trillium in to the world to offer exactly these kinds of relieving moments to weary travelers in Boston.

I hope Six has the same transportive power and can help to be part of new beer memories for those who try it.

-JC Tetreault


Later Event: February 25
Fated Farmer