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Evolving Our Fermentation


To us it feels like Trillium has been around forever, even though it’s only been 5 years. JC started as a homebrewer driven to experiment, create new recipes, try new techniques, to brew the beers he wanted to enjoy. 

Remember when we made a single 1/2bbl for the first release of Double Dry-hopped Fort Point Pale Ale back in July 2013 for the Hop Head Throwdown at The Publick House? Even though at the time we thought, "This is crazy …no way can we make an enjoyably drinkable beer hoppier than this one" at the same time we knew we were just getting started. Then we made Heavy Mettle in August 2014 and then Headroom in August 2015. And while we are incredibly proud of our team and celebrate what we've accomplished so far, we are still perpetually energized by the creative pursuit of getting better. 

We designed the Permutation program to permit us room to stretch, revise and explore and make room in our crazy lives to ensure we keep having more and more 'Headroom moments'. As expected, we’ve had some misses in the Permutation program that don't see the light of day, but by and large we've experienced several energizing leaps forward in learning and creativity that allows us to keep getting better. We thought a particular big leap forward occurred recently in the Permutation program and we felt strongly that it should apply it to not only to new beers but also some of our existing brands. When we hit it out of the park we definitely high five each other...and then immediately settle back down to ask “What can we do to improve?” We only release beer that we feel in our hearts, our fans will enjoy but at the same time stay perennially open-minded about the need to improve.  The feedback we’ve received on the Permutation program from our quality team, retail team, and fans has validated that this exploration to always strive toward better beer is the most important thing we do at Trillium.


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