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Creating a West Coast Double IPA with Heidi Geist from The 48 Beer Project

Today’s release is a little something new and unexpected: Headlong is a West Coast-style double IPA brewed with Simcoe and Centennial hops. This beer is the 4th entry in the 48 Beer Project created by artist and designer Heidi Geist. It was a no-brainer for us to sign on as the Massachusetts representative for the project - what a great opportunity to collaborate and try something new!


For those unfamiliar with Heidi’s project, it’s a must follow. She’s working with 48 breweries across the US to create beers and design awesome labels. The retro-fitted bus that she calls home rolled in to our Canton parking lot a few weeks ago, and we got the chance to design a new recipe for the occasion.


As we began to wrap our heads around her project, we got to discussing the West Coast IPA - Heidi originally hails from the other side of the country, and there’s plenty that we love about the bright, floral qualities of Pacific Northwest hops. What’s more, this style shifts the focus outside of our usual comfort zone - a process that speaks to the goals of the 48 Beer Project. As Heidi puts it, “For me, this project is a means to both nurture relationships within the craft beer community, as well as create new experiences that offer a little shift in perspective, both in and exclusive of the industry.”

Ultimately, we came up with Headlong, a beer that’s all about engaging new ideas with a forward-thinking mindset. Heidi did just that when planning the 48 Beer Project, and we tried to take her lead by pushing forward with a different take on the IPAs we usually brew. And since we’re driven by intrigue, we split off a small portion of the beer and followed our usual process to see what the prototypical Trillium version of this beer might taste like in comparison. That experiment - known as Headlong: Detour - will be a draft only release at the taproom!

The label for Headlong was beautifully designed by Heidi. Inside the can, expect notes of freshly zested orange, ripe peach and a touch of piney bitterness. Cheers to an awesome and exciting project - safe travels Heidi!