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Bringing Illustration to Life


This weekend we show that collaborations are possible with all sorts of partners, even magazines! To celebrate 25 years of Cook’s Illustrated magazine, we worked with the teams at CI and America’s Test Kitchen to conceptualize and brew an IPA featuring a variety of Massachusetts-grown malt from Valley Malt. Tomorrow night we’ll be sharing Illustrated for the first time at CI’s anniversary celebration, but the roots of this project go far deeper that just one beer.

The Cook’s Illustrated team visits Trillium on brew day

The Cook’s Illustrated team visits Trillium on brew day

As a couple of young foodies obsessed with quality and with an appetite for learning, Trillium founders Esther and JC Tetreault have long held a subscription to Cook’s Illustrated. The focus on technique, process and education pushed their culinary interest forward, while bringing many a delicious meal to the table. JC’s approach to gardening and homebrewing was reflected in the intentionality of each Cook’s Illustrated recipe, and the foundation for Trillium Brewing was similarly built on the same process-based method. Years into the brewery’s life, Cook’s Illustrated back issues are a mainstay on the shelves (and walls) of the Tetreault home.

John Burgoyne’s illustrations on display at the Tetreault house

John Burgoyne’s illustrations on display at the Tetreault house

Recipe formulation isn’t the only place that Cook’s Illustrated’s inspiration can be identified at Trillium. Esther and JC worked with Kevin Cimo, co-founder of Fair Folk and the creative hand behind Trillium’s labels, to reimagine CI’s signature style. The intricate sketches that accompanied many a “how-to” and “here’s-why” in the magazine’s pages were kept in mind as the visual identity of Trillium Brewing came to life. When it came time to bring the label for Illustrated to life John Burgoyne took the lead, working John Torres from Cook’s Illustrated on direction and Kevin Cimo on layout in order to unite the two organizations’ styles, while paying tribute to the impact CI has had on Trillium.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 11.14.59 AM.png

We couldn’t be happier to take part in the Cook’s Illustrated celebration this weekend. Tickets are still available for the 25th anniversary party, and we hope you’ll join us to enjoy delicious food and the first pours of Illustrated at Friday and Saturday’s events. Stay tuned for details about the release of this collaboration in cans at our breweries - we look forward to showcasing wonderful local ingredients and a partnership that speaks to our history.


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