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Unlocking the Gluten-Reduced Trillium Pale Ale

As we put the finishing touches on our brand new Fort Point restaurant and brewery, we’re excited to announce a new development - Lock & Key: our series of gluten-reduced beers.


Since we started planning for the restaurant, our commitment to creating inclusive experiences and our dedication to pushing boundaries led us to the question - can we create a delicious, gluten-reduced recipe that meets the standard we’ve set for our hoppy beers? This challenge felt like a crucial way for us to serve more guests, family, and friends in a space meant to bring people together.

We’ve always said we strive to brew exceptional beers for life’s special moments. A multi-story restaurant and taproom in downtown Boston is going to host plenty of special moments - and we can’t wait for them! We know that plenty of people come through our doors who may not be inclined towards, or able to enjoy, traditional beers. The goal of releases like Lock & Key and our beer/wine hybrids like Terroir Project: Rkatsiteli is to continue facilitating get-togethers where everyone has a beer to enjoy.


Developing this brand was about more than just creating a gluten-reduced recipe. The job would not be complete until the final product met or exceeded the quality standard we strive for in all our beers. Lock & Key: Mosaic Dry Hopped Pale Ale does just that. This beer is a hazy, full-bodied pale ale dry-hopped with Mosaic that hits all the marks on flavor, aroma and quality that you’ve come to expect from Trillium. Moving forward we will continue to develop versions of Lock & Key that explore different variations on hop-forward beer and stand up beside our other Trillium beers.

On the technical side - independent testing has proven that this beer meets the standard for “gluten-reduced” as defined by the FDA (<20 parts per million). Rigorous lab testing will be a continued part of sensory analysis conducted prior to every release. We sanitize and clean all production and serving equipment in order to prevent as much cross-contamination as possible. Despite our confidence in these measures, we emphasize that these beers are brewed with products that contain gluten. Those who are sensitive to gluten should be aware of these facts and if you have further questions, we’re more than happy to answer them via email:

Finally - why “Lock & Key”? Lock and Key Theory describes an enzyme and substrate relationship in which only the perfectly fitting substrate will engage a specific action of the enzyme. In this case, the enzyme breaks down the gluten protein substrate over the course of fermentation. Unlocking this process allowed us to create our first delicious, gluten-reduced beer. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.