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New Growler Policy (Starting on July 23, 2017)

The Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission recently announced updates to the statewide growler laws, so we've reviewed & revised our growler filling processes & equipment, taking into consideration your requests to fill other containers while retaining the highest possible quality & maintaining speed of service. Our new growler policy, listed below, will go into effect on Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 at both breweries upon open. Please read carefully and let us know if anything needs clarification... we'll see you soon!

In addition to the 32oz & 64oz Trillium branded glass growlers sold at both breweries, starting on Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 we will now also fill any other non-branded growlers in the following sizes:

  • 32 oz (with a 33.3MM diameter mouth)
  • 64 oz (with a 38 MM diameter mouth)

Please note: 

We will provide, free of charge, new growler caps that fit 33.3MM (Boston Round) and 38MM (Standard Growler). If these caps don't fit your blank container, chances are our counter pressure growler filling apparatus will not fully/properly seat within the container opening. If our filling apparatus does not fit the container opening, we cannot counter pressure fill to maintain highest possible quality (by maintaining target CO2 volumes while simultaneously minimizing oxygen pick-up). Nor can we fill that container quickly or without significant loss, so we may need to refuse that container.

  • We will only fill clean growlers! We reserve the right to refuse any growlers that aren't clean.
  • In accordance with MA ABCC guidance, the growler cannot have any other stickers, markings, or tags on it. It must be completely free of any branding (brewery or otherwise, unless it is our official Trillium branded glass).
  • Container must be manufactured as an intended beer container.
  • We will not partially fill a container (ie. put 32oz into a 64oz container). In order to maintain quality, we must fill to the minimum target volume of that 32 or 64oz container.
  • Containers will be reviewed for any visual defects and may be refused if there is a chip, crack or any type of flaw that may cause the growler to fail during the filling process or after it is filled.
  • Container volume must be visibly indicated by the manufacturer. 
  • Growlers must be brown, translucent glass so our staff can easily monitor the liquid level inside as it fills. We will NOT fill non-brown glass, stainless steel growlers or any other opaque vessels. 

We are happy to take a step towards making our beer more accessible, while retaining our commitment to maximizing beer quality and speed of service! Now... let's get to filling!