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Watch out... Women at Work!

Strong and powerful women are all around us, in every industry. Craft beer is no different. In my short (five year) tenure in this business I’ve met incredible, inspiring, and influential women in all sectors:

These women are hard-working and passionate like many others in the world. The difference is that they are viewed as exceptions, not the norm. They, like me, are referenced as “women in craft beer” instead of just “Powerhouses of Industry.” Why do we need to be qualified by gender?

I’m not a person who defines myself by labels. I have qualities, interests, and core values and I choose to surround myself with positive, inspiring, and supportive people. I don’t think any two humans are exactly the same but I believe any two people can find something in common. I believe in equal opportunity and I work hard to create such an environment.

I have a five-year-old daughter who wants to “be Mommy” when she grows up. As heart-melting as that sounds, I know she means that she wants to have a family and work at Trillium with me. She pretends to pour beer instead of tea at her make-believe parties and she loves to come to the brewery to clean (start ‘em young). I love her completely uninhibited, unbiased confidence that she can do whatever she wants in this world and I’m proud that I’m one of her strongest influences. I will dedicate my life to keep that belief a reality for her.

When I look around Trillium I see plenty of incredible women. There could be more, though. I’m honored to participate in Trillium's first Pink Boots brew with the talented Ladies of Trillium to help assist in the education and career advancement of female beer industry professionals. I want Trillium to be a place where anyone would feel welcome. If we can have a little fun and raise money to support the advancement of that cause I’m ALL IN.


- Esther Tetreault


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