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The Power of Permutation


Mathematically speaking, permutations represent fundamental change based on the rearrangement of existing elements. Our Permutation Series was born from a similar spirit - highlighting experimental recipes and concepts from across the brewing spectrum in the constant pursuit of better beer. From a wild ale brewed with apple juice, to a double IPA with orange peel, vanilla, and lactose, to a traditional German-style weizenbock, we have continued to develop classic styles while pushing the limits of new techniques and technology. We’re sure many of you are curious where it’s all going...

Two years and 50+ Permutations ago we set out to create a brewers playground. A series that would continually allow us to explore our obsessions, iterate on our learnings, and break new ground on a small-batch scale. As different members of the production and lab departments contributed to the Permutation Series the creative potential continued to grow, and these focused contributions have expanded Trillium’s breadth. You may have read about (and tasted) evolutions in the fermentation profile of our hoppy beers that began in the Permutation program. A bit of space to investigate new ideas has resulted in concepts that may not have found a place otherwise. Meanwhile - these releases help us ensure that the can, bottle and draft lists stay fresh and exciting, whether folks are stopping in for the second time this year or the second time this week.

Ultimately, the goal is to learn more about what beers are universally compelling. What do we love creating and what do you love drinking? The Permutations that hit on all cylinders won’t stop at a Number - they’ll return with fully developed personalities. Think of our Permutation releases as sneak peeks at what might be future entries in the Trillium lexicon. Speaking of which...the end of this week will bring to life a new series of beers born from the Permutation line. Stay tuned for details about when that ferry will leave the harbor, as well as some new recipes that we’ve been hard at work on!

As always, thanks for drinking and letting us know what you’re thinking.


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