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Introducing Trillium Blend Coffee and Cold Brew

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After years of planning and workshopping, we’re super excited to announce our newest project: Trillium blend coffee and cold brew! This blend of coffee beans is the result of a healthy amount of R&D with our friends from Barrington Coffee Roasters. Created specifically for nitro cold brew, it will now be available to enjoy at both of our locations, with bags of Trillium blend available at retail starting this weekend. Although a cup of coffee can be a simple pleasure, there’s so much to share about the path we took to get here...

Our partnership with Barrington goes back to the early days of Trillium, when we both opened shop on Congress Street. Long-time Team Trillium member Matt Garstka recalls that our crew was “absolutely crushing” Barrington Coffee back then. As we started experimenting with using coffee in our recipes, naturally we decided to source beans from Barrington. Time went on, and the relationship grew, with dreams of a unique Trillium coffee floating around our well-caffeinated minds.


In the spring of 2018, we visited Barrington Coffee HQ out in the lovely Berkshires. Founders Barth Anderson and Gregg Charbonneau welcomed us with an extensive tasting, tour of the facility and lengthy discussion about how we might go about creating the perfect blend of roasts for cold brew production at Trillium. The degree to which they have mastered their craft since starting Barrington in 1993 was astounding - we left full of inspiration, with our mission and vision for coffee at Trillium rapidly developing.


After finalizing our blend, we moved on to the finer points of brewing and packaging cold brew at Trillium Canton. Brewer Andrew Argeulles worked with Barth to dial in our 5bbl pilot brewing system, figuring out the nuances of extraction time and grind size to create the perfect cup. Producing the cold brew on our own system and then pouring it through our dedicated nitro lines allows us to exercise the same level of control and specificity that the roasters at Barrington use. Off the tap, Trillium cold brew carries nutty, toasty aromas, flavors of bold chocolate with a subtle earthiness, and a rich, full body for mouthfeel.

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We can’t wait to pour you a cup of homemade cold brew in-house and we’re proud to see our name side by side Barrington’s on these bags of beans. We think you’ll love the flavor profile that our collaborative efforts produced and look forward to sending you home to brew your own batches of Trillium coffee. Bags of this proprietary blend will be available exclusively at Trillium Canton and Trillium Fort Point. What’s more, we’ll be using this blend in future coffee-forward beers! Maybe even quite soon, so keep your ears peeled...

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Trillium roast and cold brew represents our overall mission of planting deep roots in our community, by highlighting the passions of local artisans like Barth, Gregg and the whole Barrington team. They continue to inspire us with their innovative practices and dedication to quality, so this project is a natural extension of our ethos. From the early days of our Congress St. location all the way until today, their coffee has been a joy to work with and drink. We’re honored to be partnering with them and to take this exciting step!

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